Trader PnL 2018

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  1. d08


    Continuing from last year's thread. Dollar figures, screenshots and consistent posting appreciated.

    Terrible start, reminds me of many other first weeks of the year (note: good time to have a prolonged holiday).

    Week 1/52: -21,663
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  2. Arnie


    Man, you have some big swings. I'm sure you will make it back. Best of luck to you.
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  3. If you don't mind...can you elaborate on what you are/were trading, the general average given time frame from open/close, and % of account the gain/loss was, o_O

    I like to get and understand and sense a broader overview of the collective picture,
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  4. d08


    Almost all equities with liquidity and various ETFs; average holding time is about 9 hours; drawdown is below 10%.
  5. FX xtc

    FX xtc

  6. FX xtc

    FX xtc

    Back in the saddle,
    20180105 PnL.JPG

    I don't know how long I will post here as my attention (and my money) is shifting towards the exiting world of Cryptocurrencies.
  7. d08


    Some more brutality. I see the market as highly irrational at this point. Multiple uncorrelated strategies in a drawdown are the reason for the streak.

    Week 2/52: -18,221
  8. FX xtc

    FX xtc

    20180112 PnL.JPG

    3 quick trades . Last blotter . Completely lost interest in FX... moving on to crypto

    Good luck
  9. Ludolf


    Finished for today. Result: