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Discussion in 'Journals' started by Diamondtrim, Jun 6, 2005.

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  1. This is a continuation of the Walking the walk thread. The other one was getting too long and started to get off topic. Here is where I am at 11:05 Pacific time. Most of my positions are still open.
  2. mnx


    diamond, looks like we are in about the same spot for today...

  3. I was short some of these this AM but had to turn it around for obvious reasons. I think DELL might have some legs so I have a little more of it. Good trading MNX!
  4. Here is how I finished after closing everything I was long. I had no open positions coming in so everything was initiated and closed today. I am playing golf tomorrow so may only trade the open.
  5. FredBloggs

    FredBloggs Guest

    diamond -

    if the previous posters post is still there dont listen.

    hes just angry that he sees someone else making a profit - and he obviously cant. more power to you!!!

    one thing i notice from the 1st attachment and the 2nd -

    ALL of the positions that started underwater finished underwater.

    i also notice the number of positions you have - i assume you are a position trader/holding overnight? am i right? i say this cos that looks to be a lot of different diversified positions for most daytraders.

    so - dont hold a losing position overnight!! (if my assumption from above is correct)

    i know yove heard this all before....

    good luck
  6. Hey Fred,

    I trade around positions. Sometimes I come in flat today and sometimes I hold things over. I am flat again so I have to start fresh tomorrow, but I am playing golf. The TOL I was originally short and it was my best trade this am, then it turned around and went negative. I covered and reversed and bought MTH which ended up doing OK. I almost went flat in the TOL and pressed by buying more so when it did not follow through it ended up more negative. My biggest thing is to try and lose small everything else kind of works itself out.
  7. mnx


    good afternoon. good times on BA...

  8. That is a good afternoon indeed. Like mine but with an extra zero, way to trade :) !
  9. hey mnx, great job.

    what's your style? do you scale in and out of your trades, or do just jump in and jump out with one huge lot?

    do you think you could post your trades one of these days? thanks.
  10. mnx


    i'm scalping, so I like getting in big as quickly as possible... i find it best to just jump in other wise I am buying at the top and getting short at the bottom... as far as a trade list goes, with 1000+ trades it would be 10+ pages long and I don't think it would be very insightful...

    have a great day.

    #10     Jun 7, 2005
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