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Discussion in 'Journals' started by mnx, Jan 3, 2006.

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  1. mnx


    Hey all,

    Since it's a new year why not a new thread.... That other one is getting a bit long...

    So far so good today, haven't made a trade since 11:50.... Gonna jump back in the water soon.

    Let's have a great 2006 everyone.


    [LATER EDIT BY MAGNA:] Here's a link to the old thread named Trader P/L 2005:
    Trader P/L 2005
  2. Great day... took a few calculated swings, and dont think i took a big hammer at all. Helped that there was tons of action as it seemed like everyone came back to work with a bang!
  3. sounds good to me!

    up about 200 realized and 400 unrealized on 23K shares

    learned some really excellent things today, but two stupid fat finger mistakes made me lose about 200 bucks.

    I really need to quit shorting aapl when it's in an uptrend :D

    I was really stupid on DADE

    I traded small sizes, but a lot more stocks than usual - still not sure what that means.
  4. mnx


    finished up 8g's... the guy who sits behind me did 3x that.... unbelievable... hard to belive we're trading the same stock market...
  5. Nothing too spectacular today, but very stress-free...

    Good start to the new year guys!
  6. +1476, I guess this is the new thread. Should they close out the 2005 one?
  7. wow congrats szeven and mnx! nice way to start the new year.

    I ended up 1050 should have been more but as some of the other swifties probably know prosper pro decided to start the new year off with a bang, cost me 400 bucks:)

    was a little scared to trade after that.

    oh yeah keystroke error cost me a couple hundred too.
    man I hate it when that happens
  8. nothing great, but a little green.
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  9. aqtrader



    Never get it right to guess the direction on Fed meeting day. As a result, missed the huge Fed rally. Only packeted a tiny portion of the profit otherwise would have been my best day.
  10. Was -1200 early this morning after ELOS had it's way with me. Struggled to get back all day and had to resort to diseased names like JNPR and TLAB to do it. I feel so dirty.
    #10     Jan 3, 2006
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