Trader P/L 2011

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    Another year, another P/L thread. Let's make it interesting and keep the blotters real (and not sim).
  2. 95,200 shares traded

    net p&L - $386.98

    Idk how to post anything other than a .bmp file
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    Always posting only realized P/L, some positions are kept over night.

    0126: +$852.
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  4. Fine, since you started it.
  5. So you traded F, C, and BAC. Next time if you are going to black out the ticker name then blockout the closing price aswell its not that hard to figure out what stocks you are trading.
  6. 1/26/2011
  7. Yeah I realized that afterwards, but it was after the ten minutes and I didn't really care. I would have appreciated a PM, given that I tried to hide it somewhat, but w/e.

    So where's your blotter?
  8. my apologies I should have used PM to let you know. I don't have a blotter I haven't traded in over a year I have been actively working on my civilian career (Registered Laboratory Animal Technician). I am however still working on some automated stuff in my spare time and thats why I hang around this site.

    Honestly I meant no disrespect and I wish you the best in 2011. I can only hope to someday start posting my blotter again with positive PnL.
  9. Take for January 27, 2011.

    Not a good as yesterday. Traded only two hours this afternoon, and on the most difficult day, imo, since last summer (not including holidays).

    I consider "per" as 5 contracts, so, +0.6 per, before.
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    what's the point in blacking out the stock symbols?
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