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  1. i hate to start threads and i have little intention of posting as much as last year unless the quality improves..but with D08's blessing i offer to start 2013 p/l

    yesterday p/l was a 2 month old swing trade...if not for +36 spx i doubt it would have been so much :


  2. Wow, sellingvol...awesome start to the year. I need to up my game a bit in 2013 as distant number 3 on this board!

    Nice 2012, as well. Any chance we can get a ballpark net number for year since you post net numbers daily? Just curious, b/c prop trading numbers dont really reflect in same way.

    1/2: $9,600 in both accounts
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  3. 1021 today (futures). good start to year.
    goodluck all.
  4. Thank you.. U do great too.. But for me i do not aspire to best top or near top.. I like and need money though. Net was in low 7 figures.
  5. Nice work.

    Currently only have three open positions; AAPL and GOOG flies, and an SPY Calendar. PnL for today:

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    Jan 2, 2013
  7. quiet day yesterday. couple of quick ops.

  8. ofthomas


    to those posting real blotters, thank you... I use this threads as inspiration and to challenge myself all the time... i can't help it to realize the majority of the PnL's are with equities and options... and I realize that I wont match those PnL with my spreads trading unless I up size by a lot.. but it is still great to see profitable equity/options traders around...
  9. I keep seeing this statment...who is posting fake blotters? if people are, dont worry about it too much. its not affecting the rest of us. i am pretty confident that sellingindexvol and rallymode are the real deal. and, unless my firm is paying me in monopoly money, then i pretty sure mine are good, too.

    good luck in trading this year everyone. real and/or fake.

    today was basically a scratch a for me, nothing to post. got turned around in SPY into close and didnt take my medicine...eeked out small gains.

    have a good weekend.
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