Trader P/L 2012

Discussion in 'Journals' started by d08, Jan 3, 2012.

  1. d08


    So, let's continue where we left off.

    0103: +$686
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  2. big day! least its green.

    (nice job last year btw d08).
  3. a very difficult day. could not figure out what the mkt was thinking. carryover positions from 2011 saved the day.


  4. +$417
  5. sbroker


    i started around 1pm, keeping a position overnight...if i get filled on after hours i'll post another reply...meantime, i finished up $50:)...
  6. JamesL


    Last year's thread kinda ran out of gas near the end of '11 - let's hope we can keep this year going like years past:

  7. So Is this just for everybody? Or do you have a Joint Account?
  8. sbroker


    closed my overnight position on pre market...i might trade on the afternoon...

  9. If coming here and pushing myself to posting daily stats is (on average) conducive to good trading then I will post.
    Red, green or flat pnl days.
    Key is pushing myself, better consistency in daily pnl.

  10. d08


    Thanks Builder17. Looks like there's more posters this year, off to a good start.
    Smallish negative day but have some unrealized green. Drawdown waiting for me around the corner, that's what the intuition tells me anyway.

    0104: -$91
    #10     Jan 4, 2012