Walking the walk (Blotter Thread Continued)

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Diamondtrim, May 16, 2005.

  1. Ok here is how I ended up today. There were a lot of opportunities but I had to come back out of the hole. The other thread was getting too long in my opinion.
  2. Dude, start a journal. I think you might as well discuss your results while you're at it. This blotter challenge is stupid, it does more bad than good. Just a bunch of aggravation and flaming.

    I don't see how you guys bother to waste the time to deal with the screenshots. I had a good Thurs that was worth showing off but it aint worth the trouble with the cutting and pasting. It don't matter, I can fake a 30k day if I really cared to.

    Better yet, tell me bout your Naz trades and how you picked them out. It should be helpful to me at least.
  3. Hey Hydro. If you don't like what he is doing, then stop reading and posting in his thread. Its that simple. Go somewhere else. Problem solved. This applies to anyone else that has a problem with his posts.
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    I agree with the journal idea. That's what they are for.
  5. Hey wareco,

    Thanks for the worthless post. Next time, try to see that what I was suggesting could actually be beneficial as opposed to what the last blotter thread accomplished.

    Since Diamondtrim likes sharing his results I would be more interested in his Naz picks and his use of Trade-Ideas.
  6. Threadstarter, taking from a couple points made above, consider these suggestions:

    Have Trading Forum Mod richtrader change the thread name to Diamondtrim's Daily Blotter, Diamondtrim's Blotter Journal, or something similiar. IMHO, the first thread's title read a little too much "in your face" - more apt to excite the flamers; same for this thread's title, to a lesser extent. In fact, because of the positive contributions in your first "journal", you might also ask that that thread be labeled #1, and this one, #2 in your journal titles.

    Still allow others to also post their blotters. Most likely they won't be doing so every day as will you; if some do, then fine.
    Different ET'er blotter screenshots increase the thread value by generating more trading discussion, comparisons, ideas, etc.

    I also have the same question about your Naz selections, as well as why you prefer trading that exchange. And, what particular moves you made today to recover from from being down so far, in addition to the market turning around.

    And, in spite of some prior comments to the contrary, point out some of the trades made, misssed, or opted out of against your alert's signals... Given the positive interest this particular thread idea has already generated, you're going to have new readers asking from time to time what alert you're using - so you might as well mention it every so often. From your ET post history, there's gotta be some readers who are gonna ask some TI specifics like paramaters you set on a given stock, tweaks, etc.

    Those thread readers who want to keep flamers at bay, just remember to hit the Complain button - the more who fire off a click, the better. (You listening, Rich?:D)
  7. Fellas,

    I'm posting my results simply because I want other people to know that there are those on Elite that are willing to show what they do instead of just talking and talking about it. I don't want this to be my journal or anything else because I am hoping other traders sack up and join in. It is one thing to say it and a whole whole other thing to do it. That simple. If it gets people all hot and bothered good.

    Hydro please fake it, make it look good. Show me or anyone else on ET how good your painshop skills are. If I were you I would just take another toke of the stickiest of the icky. For those that think taking a screenshot of your P/L is tough and takes too much time....well what can I say.....you don't know how computers work. Alt + Print Screen, go to accessories open up Paint press Crtl+V and you are done.

    When I watch ESPN I like to see the good moves the highlights. That way you know the players you should watch for. Otherwise how the hell is anyone on this board going to tell the difference between my pal Livingston ( see previous thread ) and someone who knows what they're doing.

    I lose too and posted that on the board this AM in the previous thread. I want this thread to allow us to do more than just yap, which is what most boards end up being. So I thought why not stirr things up a bit. I make money so......I'll prove it.

    As far as discussing my results, I think a picture says 1000 words. Anyone can see what I trade, they can see if I hold stuff over or finish completely flat. They see the names, some of the sizes and how many positions I am in. Full disclosure. The thing is. if you didn't like how you trade you would never post like this.

    Many people say the market sucks and that its Summer and that equity trading doesn't work, you need to go to 4X or eminis or some other scapegoat. Bullshit. Us equity traders are still making bank. So if you don't like the thread my suggestion is don't look at it or post on it.

    So far only two people out of the 36,102 Members and Growing have put up their results. Me and lescor, I hope it grows.
  8. You already tried this thread and it went into a flame fest. It don't matter if some are still making money, trust me, I see a lot more potential from the top traders in my group list rather than anything posted on here. It does not change anything about the fact that the market keeps getting worse everyday, the top traders say it before me. Kinda hard to step it up when you're constantly playing catch up to the trading conditions.
    If I wanted to, I could just PrintScreen the supertrader's P&L on a good day and email it to my PC. If I post that, claiming it was me, what good would that do besides give newbies a lot of illusions?
    Regardless, it's not worth the time & effort. I have 4 monitors so when I capture the image it is huge. Cutting it down in Paint slows the PC, then fitting to ET attachment standards, well personally it ain't worth it for me.
  9. Hydro, pal, when you have one window in focus that is the only window an Alt+Print Screen will send to clip board. But as I was saying earlier saying your super traders can trade is a whole lot different than showing it. The market does NOT suck, as I am PROVING in real time. Lets talk about what I do.

    I use REDI Plus to execute
    I use Trade-Ideas for analysis
    I use 3 VA720 17 inch flat screens on a custom PC 1280 X 1024
    Pretty simple set up.

    I trade NAS and Listed and I am in anywhere from 1 to 30 positions at any one time. Both long and short

    I use 2 charts a Daily going back 3 months and an intrad day going back 2 on a 15 minute time scale.

    Here is my main Trade-Ideas window set up.

    Anyone can open that link and follow along if they want to try it out.
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    338 viewers already I think you are on to something here, don't change a thing.
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