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Discussion in 'Journals' started by mnx, Jan 3, 2007.

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  1. mnx


  2. +24.70 Net

    Disappointing day. I was up a lot more.
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  3. yesteryr


    i'm a total newbie, can i post?
    i'd like to see how i do over the yr.

  4. mnx


    newbies are more than welcome, but we do request that you post a blotter.

    It's easy, 4 simple steps.

    1) Click on your blotter and press Alt + Printscreen

    2) Open Windows Paint (or other image editing program), and press control + V)

    3) Save the file, make sure to use JPG or PNG as the file type.

    4) When you post on ET, make sure to add your image to you post. (Click Browse Under the window where you type and add the file you saved in step 3.


    - mnx
  5. happy with the first day of the goal each day is 2k and once i reach it (if i do) im shuttin er down for the day
  6. Trusten


    Trading the ER I had 11 trades today. I'm showing my big winner.
    That's a 5 minute chart on the left and two minute chart on the right. I like to trade to targets, or atleast a suspected target. Through the day I was up and down till this last trade which went for 1.0 Put me up 127.20 for the day on 1 contract. I was done.

    Now of course as always right after I get out, the market tumbles down today for another 7.0 from my entry. What can I do about this? Absolutley nothing. I'm trading one contract, my nerves are a wreck, and I'm happy. lol For those of you trading the ER you know why it tumbled. BIG GAP from Friday. I love those Gaps, they always fill. Not always the next day or the next, but it's just like a guide, a road map, and I like that.

    I took no more than a .5 against me today before getting out. On all my trades had I stayed I'd of broke even or made some change. For me, I know it's better if I just dump it. Their is always another trade. I seem to have a very low tolerance for losing money now. I'm not half as good or a quarter as most of you guys, but I hope to get their.

    Green arrows on chart show entry on this trade and exit. White arrow shows where I entered on the candle. Reason for entering, it started to move in my direction. In this down trend here I sold 3 different times, and took two loses and a small profit. I hope to get better about staying and trusting myself.


    3yrs 2 days experience.
  7. oracomm


    129 trades -- 42300 shares -- +95.63 net
  8. Good start.
  9. i`m definitely rusty & went think i sold es at 39.75,top tick is a bit sickening.....
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  10. would have been a decent day if i would have held onto some short positions, still looks decent but the blo0tter doesnt tell half the story of the struggle i put up with today.

    good luck in the new year everyone
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