Trader P/L 2010

Discussion in 'Journals' started by Robert Weinstein, Jan 3, 2010.

  1. Happy 2010!

    "Armed struggle is considered profitable and armed struggle is considered dangerous"... "For the skilled it is profitable, for the unskilled it is dangerous" The Art of War

    Here's to us all being skillful and profitable this year.

    Trader P/L 2009 thread
  2. Lets do it big guys !!! 2010 Year of the Tiger !!! ROAR!
  3. NoDoji


    + $218

    Best day of the year! :D
  4. Blotto


    Starting balance for 2010: $10,000

    +2076 USD
    (converted to USD and net of costs)
  5. Missed the first half of the day. Looks like it could have been pretty good.

    One trade. +147
  6. xxxskier

    xxxskier Guest

    +1500 ES
  7. 50_luma


    + 721
  8. +$2.50 real
    +$120 unreal
  9. bb3pt


    thanks to RMBS, I am negative today

    worst day of the year
  10. Its nice Bob you are starting the thread.Happy new year again.No trade for me today,but holding Bac (put assigned in dec)15k shares bought @15.
    #10     Jan 4, 2010