How do I get a job at proprietary trading firm?

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  1. gaussian


    No you don't.

    Your vaguery reminds me of good ole Tom Vu. Where do I sign up for your 30 days to instant riches plan? I guess there is one difference. Mr. Vu operates under his own name. It took 3 seconds to find this gem where you even use the exact same terminology. How many accounts do you have to shill your own garbage? At least change the way you write so you're not so easy to debunk as a fraud!
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  2. schweiz


    Is that what your crystal ball tells? LOL

    If I would be a fraude I would change my writing. The fact that I don't, confirms in your logic, that I am not a fraude.
    You probably need only 3 seconds to find any selling or proposal made by me. Lets's see if you can.
    Speaking about many accounts. 57 postings only but remembering postings from years ago? How many accounts do you have? Problems to speak in your own name? Connected with @sle account...
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    Ah, you caught me. I will reveal my tricks. I have attached an image of my secret hack.

    In that box I typed a fairly weird word: trendfollowing. It seemed you used it the most so I went around looking for other people who use it. Pro tip: it's basically you. This isn't a word so English isn't your first language, and isolating a non-native English speaker on a primarily English-speaking forum is really, really easy. Searching these words revealed a handful of accounts that mostly talk about the same thing. Congratulations on violating the first rule of operational security.

    Continuing my search I decided to perform another magic trick. I searched your name! That lead me to quite a few posts talking about your particular this one.

    Putting two-and-two together with that post and following that rabbit hole down using the terms trendfollower and trendfollowing you can spot a handful of accounts you've been outed for using. I_am_nobody, MTrader, PitchBlack, Spike500, etc.

    PitchBlack is obvious. Every post they write sounds exactly like yours. This must've been one of the first dupe accounts you created. You learned a little bit with the others.

    I_am_nobody is particularly interesting because in this post I_am_nobody's ego got to their head and they decided to list off languages they speak. English, French, German, and "My native language". It turns out Belgium has 3 official languages - Dutch, French, and German. Since this is you, and you live in Europe, it seems to be fairly common over there to take some requirement of English similar to how us Americans take a few years of Spanish. Your command of English is about as good as my command of Spanish and a native speaker would pick up on some weirdness in what I say too.

    Now what is most interesting about this is I_am_nobody has a location listed as Phnom Penh City, Cambodia. If you were just more vague and left out German you may have fooled me. Officially in Phnom Penh city Khmer, English and French are the official languages. You deliberately left out the last language (you state as "your native language") because your actual native language would give you away. Het is Nederlands, idioot.

    The final nail in the coffin is your current name. Schweiz is German for Switzerland.

    You're bad at this Schweiz. I'm going to throw you on ignore because I've given you far too much of my time already. Have a good one.
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    And what's the fraude in that particular one? (which shows your identity detective Destriero)
    Or the fraude in any other posting? You are just BShitting around. And you have a lot of imagination.
    And what is now the proof that I don't make 350K a year as you say? No proof, nada.

    The four national languages of Switzerland are German, French, Italian and Romansh. LOL.

    And what are you trying to proof with this statement??? That Schweiz is German for Switzerland? What has that to do with fraude or with me not making 350K a year?
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    Hey now, don't lump us all into the same second-language sack. When I had to choose my second-language elective, I chose German, simply because it WAS NOT Spanish, and seemed more challenging. So there!
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    35% a year ROI is good for institutional level traders. But it is peanut compared to a real good daytrader like CIS. He day-traded compounding his account balance from $30,000.00 USD to $200,000,000.00 USD in just couple years. That is many thousand folds in just couple years.

    He just published his trading philosophy. You can check it out. But it is in Japanese.

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  7. sle


    Jesus was able to feed five thousand men with five loaves of bread and two fish, but would you be able to replicate that feat?

    PS. I have not heard any mention of cis since probably 2015 or so, would be interesting to hear if he's still around
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  8. What about the middle ground between working for the SIG's , wolverines of the world and funding your own PM account and having to keep your profits in the trading account to compound your returns...the JBO's where they will take like 10% of profit, and spot you 10x margin as long as you come in as a class B meember, and be "loss first" like what Robert Morse said?
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    Don't you have to deposit high amounts of capital to trade at these higher end shops? Like 100k down. Would be easier to just use cheaper day trading firms like T-3 or Maverick.
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  10. I am not sure if T3,et al allows options. A while back, I was with 2 firms that allowed risk based margins as a class B member with much less than 100k. I think they dissolved.
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