making one point a day?

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  1. I trade the ES and make more than 2 points a day average.
    In the ES i don't think you can trade 500 contracts at once.
    About your proposal to trade for others:
    i don't want to trade for others because as a daytrader the size you can trade is limited.
    I will give you an example:
    if you start with 3000$ and reinvest your 2 points average profit per day your theoretical profit at the end of the year would be about 21,154,001,752,101 $ if there would be no limit on the size you can trade. But you would have to trade billions of contracts a day, so not realistic.
    So these calculations don't make any sense at all. You have to limit your number of contracts to a size that is manageable and realistic. If we limit the maximum size to 100 contract per trade the results of the 3000$ investment would be 2,113,900$. If i invest my own money i get the full profit; if i would trade for others my profit would only be the fee (so only a small part of the profit), in other words i would lose money by trading for others. Your explanation would be correct if the size that can be traded would largely exceed my own financial strength.
    So a good daytrader will never trade for others but will use the limited size at his own profit for 100%.
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  2. Daytrading ES and trendfollower.
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  3. Big boys in Chicago will give you good money, If you can prove your system can make more than 1 point ES per contract per day.:eek:
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  4. nitro


    This guy is hilarious. Toooooo funny.

    nitro :D
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  5. hmmm,

    all this 1 point talk makes you wonder.

    Is the glass half empty or half full?

    Those who swear by making 1 or 2 points... are we just in a special point in time that allows for this?

    4-5 years ago... 1 point could be made in a bout 20 seconds... 10 points in 10 minutes. BUT how do you manage your stop in that environment?

    Right now... 10 points take some 2 days! Managing the down side is easier... Yes?

    Right now I can see it, banging it out, almost effortlessly... but is is a MIRAGE?

    I trust my tools, but could they go AWOL and at any moment?

    What am I missing or not SEEING?
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  8. How do you account for the 4+ points per day average that AMT4SWA did on this board in real time trading? Anybody who reads the quote above by nitro and can relate, go through AMT4SWA's live posts where he averages more than 1 pt a day. All this loser mentality is well.........................loser mentality(also see mental ceilings thread which is the same as this one) .

    Why cant it be possible to make at least the daily range? I want a logical anwser in terms of possiblity(markets job) and efficiency(your job).

    The daily range is always traversed more than once! ALWAYS!
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  10. Discussing these kind of reactions is a waste of time, i passed this stage already a long time ago.
    It says a lot about your own knowledge about trading.
    Most succesful traders don't come here because of your kind of reaction ( they need a minimum level of knowledge to be able to discuss with others) and they prefer to leave you in your ignorance.
    So in fact they laugh with you.
    Perhaps you should read the thread: S&P500 looking very toppy.
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