Pure Flat Tax?

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  1. I speak 3 languages fluently (english, french, german) plus my native language. You probably only understand english. If the T D mistake is the only one you can find it shows how miserable you are. If people have no real arguments they try to find words that were written wrong. Poor man.

    Your profile is probably: arrogant american who thinks he is the only one with the undisputed truth, obese, low education, and no job or flipping burgers, an probably paying almost no taxes.

    If you speak about taxing revenues it is clear you have no clue about economics or accountancy (this confirms your profile). Expenses made to generate this revenues are deductible which is logical. If you pay taxes on revenues you pay taxes on the salaries you pay to employees, you pay taxes on electricity you use... So in your opinion Buffet should pay taxes on the salary he paid to Bosanek. You don't even know the economical definition of the word "revenues".
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    wow, sorry about the spelling, I didn't know it was a typo, I hate it when people nit pick. My apologies. Yes I am an arrogant American but not obese (I barely eat enough to keep myself alive, but I eat healthy) and thank g-d have no job, I'm a trader and live on nothing but cap gains and dividends (and an increasingly small amount of interest.)

    now, getting back to taxes, I am very upset they tax the companies I own in the form of corporate taxes, the corporate rate should be zero. In exchange I would pay a very high income tax. And both Buffet and I would treat our cap gains, dividends and interest as ordinary income. What more do you want?
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  3. btw, anybody that is writing, it is "lose" typically, not "loose". I find this one in newspapers, online articles, even on [gasping] ET!
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    now now now, we have many posters who are fluent
    in no less than three languages, let's not nit pick on what may just be nothing more than a typo.

    one day I was walking down the street and I started loosing my ass on some soybeans. I tightened up my position, but by then they were down around my ankles. That's why I say, always keep a tight stop and don't let things get loose or you could loose your ass. (A few ladies did seem to like it, though.)
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