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  1. They offer courses with reasonable price ! LOOOOOOOOOL

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    If the bill is on his name, yes. As he will have to pay that bill. :D
    Posting here makes you losing money too. If you would work the time you are sitting on ET you will make more then 1K a year.
    Everybody loses money all the time, their entire live.
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    Is there a "no good, money back guarantee"? Or all these participants succesful traders afterwards?
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    You would know!
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    This seems illogical to me. In the absence of new trading ideas to test, optimizing costs is important. For one, we are talking about a constant cost and any savings are permanent and consistent.
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    I would bother about paying 1K a year more in commissions. It wouldn't change my lifestyle and percentage wise it is neglectible. There are thousands of ways to save money, not just in trading.
    Because if you would try to save on commissions, why not try to save on food, electricity, clothing, fuel, restaurant bills, hairdresser, holidays, cars, hobbies... In all these things you can save a constant cost and any savings are permanent and consistent. I don't see the difference.

    It would be different if you would be able to cut commissions by 10 or 20%. But 1K a year?

    Maybe my opinion is biased on the fact that decades ago I had to save as much money as possible to start my first business. It was horrible, so I don't want to be reminded at that. Which might explain why I don't care.
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