Does Anyone Know if Anekdoten or Audtodidact Trader Still Exists?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by TraderToad, Apr 5, 2020.

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  1. I have been studying through numerous forums and threads and was wondering if this trader still existed in ET, Twitter, or some other type of online space. I have learned quite a bit from their teachings and was hoping to continue my learning process. Anyone have any idea if this trader is still here or somewhere else?
  2. .sigma


    Not too sure but Anek is a ET legend
  3. He was a failed trader who was/is a vendor. AMHIK.
  4. Just curious, do you have proof of this? Not the vibe I got from him.

  5. Yeah, it's all over this site. Catch-22 for you... you're either Anek or you're thinking of hiring the dude. Either way; you're fucked.
  6. You are a reminder of why I do not like places like this. I politely ask for proof, and you give me no proof. Instead, you decided to insult me.

    I find it interesting that Anek would always talk about not trusting snake oil salesmen in the threads on ET. Not only that, the IRC chat logs from his channel that I have downloaded from years ago, also mention how he is against anyone paying for a service.

    There is a rumor that Autodidact is Anek, and from what I have gathered, it seems like it could be true. Once again, if you review Autodidact's posts, completely against paying for a service.

    You insinuate that i am Anek or looking to hire him, both are 100% false. I am just interested in his trading style because it makes sense to me.

    I'm fucked? You are the one who just publicly made yourself look like a stroke for no reason.

  7. The dude is a fraud. Use the search bar. He ran a bunch of aliases and posted sim-runs. If you're in search of his "system" seven years later then you need to find another line of work.

    There is another thread in which his PMs were posted. He was working with another ETer to offer a signal service. Grow a brain. This took me 20 seconds to find.

    Of course he's going to sell that line... that vendors would trade (if they could).
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