fraudster Anek still active on ET... BUSTED!

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    Some of you may remember how I discover the fraud of Anek last year

    if not, I discover several ET users were using same image shack account for hosting images, and the user name on the account was "Anek1969"
    not long after i expose this, the image shack account was deleted, so that evidence is gone, but not before many on ET saw the proof of it.

    what happen was after Anek retired his original "Anekdoten" alias, he made new accounts to continue posting........ and would often sign in under multiple accounts to sing his own praises...... this was shown many times

    for review:

    Now I have discover Anek is still here on ET, and using many names again, but at least no bogus educational threads,
    within days of his exposure last year he create his first new account: RedTankEra, and also recently resume posting under an old account Daniel33. Proof to follow
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    Look at this post, gushing praises of Anek from a first time poster, this was his first post on ET. says "I'm getting it and getting it good"

    now this:
    now the guy who wont trade live in front of anyone, is willing to do so for a 1st post newbie who is (allegedly) already successful?
    Why not help some of those who are struggling?
    obvious that daniel33 is an Anek alias
    more BS it's sickening..... again why wont Anek trade live like this in front of all his forum followers who struggle? its only to this brand new person who claims to already be profitable????
    Looks at this LOLOLOL............Anek has decided to "take a rest" (wink, wink) and look at the post above this, a guy tells people to stop trolling the thread. So while Anek is supposedly "gone" good ol daniel chimes in within 30 mins that he just asked Anek who some other good ET posters are and he named this guy LOLOL too good!

    Now recall from Daniel's first posting on Oct 3 2007, he claimed to be successful trading 2 contracts and was going to bump it up to 3. he was "getting it and getting it good". He said that as of Oct 2007 he had been trading live cash futures for 4 weeks and been very profitable, this after several months on sim testing Anek's system. A week later he again reiterated he was doing very well.
    He must have forgotten that when he wrote this....... In August 2008 (10 months later) he posts some interesting things.

    more evidence.....
    says he would love to trade futures but they are too leveraged for his limited capital, also says he just graduated from sim after 3 years of practice But wait......... 10 months ago he said he was already very profitable trading cash futures??????

    Here's another post on that where he says he's a piker who is only now going to cash and 2-3 contracts is too much for him - but 10 months ago he was already trading 2-3 contracts and very profitable thanks to Anek. LOLOL! What happen to getting it and getting it good?

    Now let's see what Ol' Anek is posting today.... :)

    Nothing terrible but typical of his other aliases he is coyly hinting at his self-professed superior trading skills
    he say "I've never read a book that even begins to grasp concepts in technical analysis that I use on a daily basis."
    quote: "I'm just hinting another level of trading, one that obviously neither of you two have experienced before."
    quote : "I have scalps that fluctuate in capital more than this."

    LOL - How much longer before he decides to make another phony educational thread like "A simple price action approach"?

    Remember he was using multiple aliases in that thread, all sharing the same imageshack account. High-fiving each other for great hindsight trades that they supposedly"took together in their trading room"

    This guy is 10 times crazier than hershey!!! At least he sticks to one username!! LOL!!

    Don't forget this is the same guy who was in this thread
    He posted under his CrazyA alias on page 1
    "You must not know how to enter with micro stops. What you said it's what is typically said, unless you learn."
    and when he was mocked, he signed in under his ESDreamer alias on page 3 to defend himself
    quote: "I know from first hand experience Crazy A is one of those virtuoso traders that can do it."

    Just more proof of what everyone already knew: Anek was a F R A U D !
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    Anek aliases:

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  5. Is XSPURT Anek?
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    he is another suspicous character for sure, dont know if he is Anek or not

    but he has had problems with some users calling him out in the past

    people would accuse him of being vague on purpose, or trolling for student, or bs-ing

    he would post stuff like this and no one could make any sense of it and then after he claims he called mkt in advance

    lets try and understand his points in the summry
    - daily due for push down
    - weekly looks great for strong move up
    - maybe a fake drop to make it look like support break
    - maybe big down move will overrun weekly up move and become bigger down move with no warning
    - weekly should kick in for upside but monthly is very bearish
    - look long over last tails but more likely after return to 12200
    - danger of cockroaches, HFT, natural disaster can change everything

    there is no call in there... its all obfuscation

    his arch enemy is Freakofnature:
  7. What was Pigsky's last alias....?
  8. I remember Stealth Trader had several sock puppets with around 40 posts each, singing in the choir about how much his "videos" helped them, asking questions about his "method", giving "testimony" to their own success from it, etc.

    It was similar to the Jack Hershey phenomenon: come out with some outrageous claim supported by gibberish / jargon, and 3+ lurkers appear, and begin a dialogue in tongues while one or two unsuspecting newbies ogle.

    Humans are psychologically just like paramagnetic materials: highly susceptible to become aligned to a strong field simply because it is there. Behold, the madness of crowdz......
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    My thoughts exactly Raskol

    who cares
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