suspicious .... fake trade?? Anekdoten??

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  1. Pigsky


    I am post this because of some suspicious things i have seen and want to make other trade aware of. I do not want troubel but these thing trouble me and finally decide to share with forum and other trader.

    I have read these forum and especially encourage by Anektoden and other posting, and 'Simple Price Action Approach'.

    But I notice some suspcious things.... forum member in that Simple Price Action are posting from same Image Shack account......

    See this post by ES.Dreamer post with chart

    Now you can right click on chart to bring up imageshack site
    notice name on image shack account this is important

    Now see this post by noaveragingdown in other forum

    Now again it link to same image account:

    Now see CrazyA post with chart
    And this link to same account ........

    Why All chart come from same imageshack account "Anek1969"??
    Why would three separate trader use one account? And why call account Anekdoten???
    is it true..... CrazyAtrader = ESdreamer = NoAveragingdown = Anekdoten ????????? !!!!!!!!!

    Now these poster respond to each other as seen here when NAD give much praise to ESD
    Quote....... "For starters take ESD's brilliant post and print it. That's easily one of the best ET posts I have ever read....."
    But they are same person right??

    Now see this one, with ESD talk about THEMADMAN forum member
    "Funny considering he controls the flow of info on this thread. He taught Metal, taught NAD, taught me."
    So if NAD and ESD are same person, then also Metal is same person right????
    And also goes to reaason that TheMadMan is also the same.
    Anekdoten = ESD = NAD = Metal = TheMadMan ?????????????

    again, here is one more.
    If you read back in previous post CrazyA tell someone "you just dont understand use of micro stops" Look back earlier in thread to see. Ohter trader laugh at that and make joke about sub-molecular stop, atomic stop. So then Crazy A sign in under ESD account to defend himself.
    Quote...... "I know from first hand experience Crazy A is one of those virtuoso who can do it"
    Quote again....... "That's how the journey to superiority begins"

    I am not want to cause problem but this seem strange.
    I also do not want to accuse someone who does good deed for aspring trader. THese forum seem good intention. Anektoden forum get much appreciateion from trader and seem in good heart. But no trader having success with it. So is it real or a fake joke on unsuspecting trader???????????? :(

    Remember Guy De Chimay of Wall St Warrior? He seem like really smart guy and had people vouch for him on tv show. THey say how smart, talant, hard working best trader he is. But he was jsut running PONZI Scheme like Barney Madoff.

    I am concern someone play a joke on retail forum trader. Why would a profit trader have to create alias to call himself "virtuoso" unless he just looking for attention? WHy so many alias? WHy all member sharing same image account with "ANEKDOTEN" user name???????

    Now i have read in other forum that Anekdoten proved to use alias in past. He pretend as Susana DT struggling trader who find success with Anek methods. Why? i do not know.... maybe give him credibility and attract more attention to himself. So Anek up to his old tricks here.

    NOw we know Anek creat Susanna DT to post as struggling trader who find success with his method. ANd he do it again here.

    See this topic with "ANGLAGARD"
    look through, all his pics are in same account!!! go to anek1969 account in linkk in previous example and scroll through other pics they are same as here!!!! See Anglagard pics and almost all are in from same image shack account!! Just use "ANEK1969" images and use arrows to scroll over.. ALL are there!!!! CRAZY!!!!!!! what is going on!!
    Here is one proof: See this post and chart
    and here it is in same account!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And he make comment in other topic "Everyone in that thread simple prica action was trained by CrazyA"

    This seem very suspicious especially since ANektodeon made alias in previous forums and now multiple user all sharing same image account with "ANEK1969" user name!!!!!!!!!

    many forum members trader claim "many fake trader are here... pretenders"!!
    well i understand skeptic feelings
    this is strange. very suspecious that 5 trader all share same image account and is in the name of former member know for making alias. very suspicious. beware. sorry for disappoint but i have to share with other trader. :(
  2. Pigsky


    crazy stuff

    i have save pics in case...........

    can it be true ???????????

    :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:
  3. Interesting.

    Crazy if it`s true. :)
  4. NoDoji


    I feel so left out :( :( :(

  5. Pigsky


    yes i have seen some people say that nodojy is anekdoteon.

    other say nodoji are al brooks.

    i have no evidence of that.

    i am not trying to make trouble or false accuse anyone but these things are strange..........

    i only write what i see and i do not know what to make of these things where people use many alias to converse with themself.
  6. It makes you realize how thick the curtain could actually be. YIKES.
  7. Very good investigative reporting Pigsky
  8. This just in, Pigsky is Anekdoten!!!!

    :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:
  9. Macho


    Not by a long shot.

    How about Loony Lucky Lucille,just like lespaulr0cker and others . This guy ,besides having gender issues is one sick puppy.Believe me.
  10. mark1

    mark1 Guest

    It certainly is the same person, dude you should work for CIA :D

    I can only say that I had the pleasure to be part of his IRC room for about 2 years, he spent at least 6-8 hours a day, every effing day, (This alone blew my mind) explaining the way he trades, sharing a lot of his personal life and much more, he never ever I repeat never ever hinted about any kind of compensation. He wanted only us to put a serious effort in studying what he was teaching . He even gave assignment to test our level etc.

    I was banned because I couldn't keep up with his teaching and I'm the only one to blame.

    I have no idea why he created all those accounts, maybe it is his own way to realease stress and say funny shit on the net , who knows..

    I never had the balls to thank him after he banned me for all he gave me and I regret that.

    To me he's a great guy and a superlative mentor.

    Marco aka mark1
    #10     Feb 13, 2012