Death threats are a way of Life for ET cop, Magnum. :) :)

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by fibo_trader, Apr 7, 2019.

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  1. Suspended/blocked from my own thread for many days. Requesting ban be lifted today before Monday Open.

    One by one I'm getting banned from other threads too.

    Here are the words I'm guilty of using as pointed out by Sheriff Magnum:

    stupid, fck, prick, pu**y, left nut. (On Wall Street even nuns talk like that :))

    Destriero + others' words to me ..... stupid, dope, dumb, fuck, dumbfhuck

    But only I get the bullet. :)

    Also guilty of personal attacks in a place where personal attacks are in a bullmarket for 2 decades hahahaha. ..... count the attacks by destriero & others in just the one thread above. Only I get the bullet.

    I have a solution:

    (1). I will adopt pure 100% Sesame Street language. No fun but not hard to do.

    (2). Total shutdown of attacks by using the Ignore List. Any attacks get no response but instantly fired off to Ignore List.

    Kindly reinstate my posting priveleges, thanks. :). :)

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  2. As solution #2, I have already started implementation:

    Ignore List:

    bone, dozu88, Jack W, Nine-Ender, noddyboy, NQurious, Option_Attack, Overnight, vanzandt, volpri, woodrow97, destriero. Guaranteed more to follow FAST


    Everybody is capable of putting out at least the occassional nugget. But if I put someone on this list its because of attack + low odds of any nugget.

    Proof example: Clubber Lang is not on the List despite attacks & being the head honcho here.
  3. Observation + former hearsay. .......

    Sheriff Magnum, if a cop in real life at my place in Malibu, CA would be fired in under 2 days for outrageous abuse of power.

    Even in Los Angeles he would make those LA cops who beat up on Latinos & Blacks for usually little or no reason, look like saints because the first words out of this Sheriff's mouth is "you die NOW"

    And dig this, "he's armed to the teeth with something even better than a gun. The button.

    Terrible thing to kill a man, wipe out all he was, did or had, or will ever be, do or have. But for this Sheriff from Jerkwater, USA, he don't give a damn. :). :)

    Send this Sheriff on a long vacation. Likely stressed out to the max.

    Bring in Ivanovich, Morganist.

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  5. monet


    You're allowed to say "plantation escapee" on ET, which by my reckoning is worse than all of the above.
  6. destriero


    Thousands of posts with zero value add to the board. Fibo is a rank noob (knob) whose only contribution is pointless YT embeds and losing sim monies. He can't even quote the product correctly.

    I say allow him to post (to his thread) but move the worthless thread to chit chat.

  7. Wall Street language was not only allowed it was encouraged. See for yourself. ET has gone Sesame Street since then. Sheriff probably all thse fellas too, as they ain't here no more
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  8. destriero


    fibo, you haven't placed me on ignore as I've had you blocked for weeks. I'd have to unblock you to allow you to put me on ignore. More BS.

  9. Posted by Lucrum in July 2010

    You might need to be a little more specific there Captain Morgan.
    Baron has officially condoned a certain amount of "bad language".
    As I recall his reasoningwas that real traders and wall street types don't talk like they live on Sesame street.
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  10. Had I said what Clubber Lang said here, I'd be banned 20 times over. ...... words used. ...... scumbag, liar, stupid, piece of shit. Now compare with the words I used, hahahaha. :)


    I don’t mind a good flame war. And I can tolerate stupid people up to a point. But I absolutely despise liars.
    You are a total scumbag for deliberately editing my post.

    Oh and BTW- That side portfolio crushed it % wise. It was only a 150k (as I stated it was a CD that had matured).
    Unfortunately I sold it many years ago.

    When you reply to this DO NOT EDIT my post again you lying piece of shit.

    #797 Thursday at 5:48 AM

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    #10     Apr 7, 2019
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