Bear Market almost ready to resume. .....

Discussion in 'Trading' started by fibo_trader, Mar 12, 2019.

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  1. SPY short entry confirmed 279.2 today ...... total short is $4.83 mil

    6 tranches remaining to place short as soon as the nice uptrendline from Christmas Eve Daily breaks

    Then the rest of the farm will be thrown at it when 200-day breaks. This time do not expect the 200 will be retested once broken.

    All of the above is my own capital. No friends (client’s) money being thrown in yet even though they are begging me to place it. My reply is firm. “only when December lows for Dow/S&P/Nas/Trans are taken out”. 42 mil dollars to be placed then. This 42 m is just chump change for these international warriors - they are preparing more ammo to throw my way

    Last count is that 96% investors are headed north. I love these odds.
  2. “Bear market ready to resume”.

    What bear market? The one from 2008-2009?

    Also, please tell me how I can invest with you. I can wire you Money tomorrow. This sounds like a fantastic opportunity.
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    Wait for it. Wait for it...

  4. maxinger


    Luckily traders don't have to bother about whether bear is here, or bear is gone.
    Because every trading day is a good trading day.
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  5. “Someone help me string up this flimsy plastic paint tarp to catch the unconscious 400lb bear falling from the tree. What could possibly go wrong”?
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    42m paper money?
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  7. I'm with Clubber. This has to be the greatest and smartest trade since ol' Surfer was shortin' YM one-lots like it was nuttin'!
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    Are your pretend clients still begging for you to place their money fibo_trader ?
  9. %%
    Good shot. I saw video/New Mexico bear jump off a telephone pole+ the amazing fall did not hurt the bear. The game warden warned '' bears are tough '' LOL amen:cool::cool:
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  10. Correct Sir, the very same Bear Market that started October 2007 - first leg down ended March 2009. Then came the Bear Market rally that ended January 26, 2018. Then came the head fake bull trap with the marginal higher high, which as you know was not confirmed by the NYSE Composite. In fact the weakness of that higher high into Sept 2018 was on such staggering divergence on RSI(21), it was as close to obvious we are allowed in one lifetime. Short was the way to be.

    Fast forward to today. THEY think a 20% drop into declared Bear territory is over that fast by this fast rally. That would make the Bear a wimp, exactly what the experts called him in May 2008 and early in the Great Depression

    Can’t invest with me. I’m a lone trader, no clients ever, never ever will be any. The above mentioned players are friends, not clients although it’s a gray area as I accept no commissions but they return the flow with lavish big ticket gifts.
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