Please stop using bad language

Discussion in 'Politics' started by morganist, Jul 13, 2010.

  1. I have had a couple of complaints about the use of certain vocabulary on this forum. Please can you refrain from using this type of language here. Especially the thread titles as they are seen by everyone whether you are interested or not.
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    You might need to be a little more specific there Captain Morgan.
    Baron has officially condoned a certain amount of "bad language".
    As I recall his reasoning was that real traders and wall street types don't talk like they live on Sesame street.
  3. You should see 'em after they get out of the military.... it's like you have to learn to talk all over again once you start living among civilians.

  4. There is a hen in a cockhouse here at ET who said, "when I look down I can't see my dick"

    so with that type of precedence, anything ought to be OK.

    But you're the boss, just tell us and I'll be happy to comply, Sir. :)


    on a similar note, my Pops was a fella like that; couldn't stand bad language and complained to the Chief where he worked - he said the bad language was so infuriating that it was interfering with his work.

    The englishman boss called the ones who he as boss suspected were the main culprits, and said to them collectively,

    "any one of you caught using foul language will be instantly fucked off the job. Understand cocksuckers?"

    Pops came home very depressed that day. Only much later in life did he tell me exactly what went down. :)
  5. Actually it is not me it is other members who asked me to do something about it. As I am a moderator I am obliged to do something.

    All I can do is this thread and threaten to moderate bad language. You are right it is not possible to say what is appropriate or not.

    People get offended with different things. I would say no f word or c word. Also the thread titles could be made less offensive.
  6. the "c-word" :confused:

  7. what do you mean the c word ?

    it rhymes with runt.
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    OK. I promise never to use the words Jesse Jackson in a thread title again. I know his name can be quite offensive to some, but jeez, get a life people, will ya'?
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  10. You, Sir, already called me Dan Quayle once...

    You, Sir, are a recidivist!

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