Beware of steed is a very false person.

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  2. abnormal. it just means @destriero blocked you.
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    Most multi-nicks are easily spotted.
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    So true, Polenta.
  5. Maybe destriero’s account is based on Agentinian Pesos.

    There, now we all can sleep better!

    What would really be impressive is destriero posting a Portfolio Performance Report off his IB account since the beginning of this year. However, I don’t want to push it because, after all, destriero can bench me for reps while I’m benching my max.
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    That's a iPhone pic of my laptop screen and posted inside two minutes of taking the pic.

    +$1.2MM unrealized (predominately TSLA short + TSLA synthetic long = TSLA reverse conversion).
    +197K realized.
    +$321K for the day.

    There are a half dozen screenshots on that and the PNL thread.

    This one shows my account number. You're alleging that I've lost millions?

    IB PM account starting with "U2656..."

    You can solve for the dollar figure based upon the day's % gains. Earned 10x your net liq. Keep swinging.

    And yes; I've more than doubled my combined net liq across my taxable and mIRA accounts (YoY) while Sluggo is losing the Eurodollar rate.

    Your nick is apropos. Email me at my posted address and I'll let you login to my account after hours.

  7. Tough day for me today. Got a rock stuck in my shopping cart and had the toughest time getting it out. Ok, let’s check destriero’s links.

    Holy sh*t! The guy’s a trading God. To think I’ve been dissing him for years. To restore my honor, I’d kill myself immediately but am too depressed to bother. Seriously, very impressive and I wish you continued trading domination.

    The reason why I have questioned your trading is some of your posts are like that of a blowhard. When you have talked about your trades, it seemed to me like you were using jargon inappropiately. In addition, you had at least one big trade that when against you and not only did you not follow up, you went dark for a couple of weeks afterwards. When you came back, your posts indicated you were selling guns and services. This pattern seemed like a blowup to me.

    Would it be too much trouble for you to post your account performance since the beginning of the year to present, sir? Show your trading metrics to us mere mortals, and less than mortals for that matter, please. In exchange, I offer 1 month of no Trump worshipping in ET’s politics or any other section.
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    Invite Maximpossible to Tahoe and Fredo his sorry arse.
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  9. Seems a bit extreme just because I’m an a**hole. Besides, if all a**holes were rubbed out, there would be no lawyers, politicians, or internet trolls... On second thought...
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    If it is too good to be true, better read it with a pinch of salt.
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