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    Interesting.... this thread has the most views of any thread in Hookup.

    I noticed that a lot of the various forums' "most viewed" tally's date back to this period. (Eureka moment here)...I just discovered you can arrange the threads in that order using the option at the bottom of the forum page. I never noticed that before. I was curious as to which thread here had the most views ever and was working my way through the forum list. Must have been a lot of more active members back then.

    Anyway.... maybe CSEtrader can track some of these people down. See if they have any stories to share. Sounds like an OK place to live.
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    This one had 23 Million views and it was open for only a year. Amazing.
    There must have been a lot of people here back in the day
    22 Million here:

    This one had 750K, its the #1 for "Stocks"
    I look forward to perusing this one, it should be interesting to see who was right and who was wrong.