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  1. Seven of us in Freeport; anyone else?
  2. MrDinky


    Would consider it, but I don't know if I could deal with that 100% humidity. Florida was bad enough.

  3. The humidity is worse in Chicago ...
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  4. J-Law


    Yes, if the bahamas are anything like the Eastern caribbean, those tradewinds blow away a good deal of the humidity.

    Do I ever miss the Caribbean.

    So what do you guys trade there in the bahamas ??
  5. US markets, options, equities and futures.

    Who cares about humidity when you are 75' from the water ...
  6. J-Law


    Sounds like paradise to me. You trade all the instruments(makes sense) and the ocean is at your feet.

    I lived in St.Kitts/Nevis for 2 years. I rented a condo that overlooked the Atlantic side of the island and I was about double the distance from the water.

    Need to go back. NYC to ruins me.
  7. Why would you leave?
  8. Ok, anymore talk of 'paradise', 75' from water etc.... and I will have to delete this thread. :cool:
  9. nitro



    Any more French models sunbathing naked in front of you?

  10. I haven't seen this, but I heard from one of my neighbors about a couple of secluded beaches where that is all there is ...
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