Hall of Fame Threads

A collection of exceptional discussion threads that was created solely from member votes and suggestions over the years.

Ag trade ideas
Scalping_My Way with ACV
System Development with acrary
Acrary's Strategy Formation
Acrary's Mixed Strategy Management
Acrary is a genius!
Taking 76K to 500K by Year End
Taking 103K to 1.2million by Year End 2008
Taking 320K to 3.5million by Year End 2009
Taking 410K to 4million by Year End 2010
Funniest thing ever seen at a prop firm
True legendary trading stories
Lessons Learned
What are your Trading Breakthroughs?
What was the last thing you had to master before becoming profitable?
I've got a secret
Intraday/Swing Plays
Day-Trading 2.0 for small traders
Why do people use Volume, Range and Tic charts
Real or fake?
I'm the most consistent trader in the world
I've tried everything and nothing works
Biggest day ever
Scalping and Analysing your trades
Trading for a living....full time....only income
Kudos to MMs
Article By Pabst
Ideas for struggling traders
Grinding it out, day after day
My Story
Mr Subliminal's Remote Trading Journal
Activate/Deactivate System?
AHG - Profitable Strategy for Struggling Traders
Emini divergence journal
The Price Action Journal
40yo's new career
ES Journal
NoDoji's Day Trading Log
S/R Emini Journal
Price and Volume
Price and Volume: Strategy
Clowns ES Daytrading Journal
Pabst's Blue Ribbon Trades
Emini Fading System
Characteristics of a Successful Trader
mentoring-- a waste of time ??
What is the worst one day loss you ever had?
I've lost 400k the last 2 months i'm quitting
Using nature and natural eco and bio systems to style your trading
Successful Trading
Discipline - ideas to improve it
The Mathematics of Persistance
Anekdoten: An ET Mentor
Money Management
Exits-- targets vs. trailing stops
Averaging down/up = success?
Reading the Specialist
Sharing Resources: Let's Not Reinvent the Wheel
Developing a Trading Framework from Scratch
Mathematically Predicting the Future?
Chop vs. Trend
Launched High Frequency Automated Trading Blackbox
Frosty's trading bot goes live part 2
Chabah on Automated Trading
Simple Profitable Method
Great New Pattern
The Idiot's Guide to Premium and Fair Value
Gap Plays
Why do I see "Trends" in Randomly Generated Data?
Indicator for spotting trends vs. ranges
Price Bars
Enough already! It's not random
A Kinetic Energy Idea
Using Pivots
Dragon Pattern
Trading Hammers
Pekelo's 2nd gap rule
Market Depth Patterns
More Winners or Larger Avg. Winner?
Tape Reading
Pyramiding into a trend
Unholy Grail to Success
Testing variables
Lessons Learned From Profitable System Development
Evaluation of Backtested System Results
ACD--Is it the Method to The Madness?
Trading Winning Positions - The optimal approach
SP trend following System
The Importance of Simplicity
Learning to read Price Action with P&F Charting
Exit methods for trend-traders
Why Can't I Trade with the Trend
Deciding on a Backtesting and Trading Platform
Pictures of your trading stations
Gems: Methods and Systems
Methods and Systems Only
Notable ET Celebs
Gems: Rs7
Gems: Super_Ego
Gems: Vulture
Your favourite Elite Trader & favourite Post
Trailing stop/Initial stop on futures
Anyone use my method?
Keeping It Simple
Keeping It Simple II
Approach to trading the ES contract
best books you've read on trading
My experiences as a Hedge Fund Startup
JS Global Macro Notes
m22au's journal
Rol's Automated Trading Journal
The loneliness of success
Global Macro Trading for a Living
futures secured account and bankrupt risk
Anyone pulling money out of MF Global?
tampa's "short skirt" trades...
tampa's Revenge
The Credit Crisis Financial Stocks Short Journal
I feel like giving up!
Writing options for a living
Vertical Spreads for Aggressive Growth
25 Years & $100 Million Profits... A to your Q's, Today Only
Refco Account Security
Money Mangers Marketing
Charts of Note
Technical Trading Setups Journal
Hang Seng (HSI), Kospi 200 (K200) Trading Journal! (14 Year Old Trader)
My Automated Trading Strategy (3Years+ of Historical Data) Please Critique!
2012: The Battle for Survival
2011: Rebuilding My Battered Account
Trading Chairs
Build Your Own - Step by Step ( i7 2600k)
Traders with bad backs!
List of personal rules for trading that makes U successful
ActiveTick vs. IQFeed vs. IB (TOFTT)