You Share Your Trading Ideas I Share Mine. Work Together

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  1. see title. Contact me at, or friend me on facebook Emanuel Voelker {I have glasses and dirty blonde hair}, or any other method is fine too. I've been trading for 6 years
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  3. Nope, trying to put this new thread to the top of searc, in fact found a couple guys in the last one. The more the merrier.
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  4. best strategy just close left eye use right eye left brain make trade
  5. Okay just stop commenting dude. I saw your post in my other thread, I'm not an insurance guy wtf
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  7. What are you trading options on? What is your average holding period? What type of analysis do you do?

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    So you are basically trying to "bump" your threads so they get attention. *tsk tsk*
  9. Bro u never respond to messeges
  10. I apologize if I was an asshole, but seriously.
    Yup. Don't see what's wrong with that, as I only did it once and if you don't want to join up you can leave
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