Wohl of W.St - a Modern Psychopath

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    Quite an intro.

    Straight to the point tho :
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  2. Jacob. Lol. Blacks commit most serious crimes as percentage of their share in the population in the US. White collar crime is disproportionately committed by a different minority. For ages. Based on empirical evidence as that minority does anything to suppress any sort of statistics and research in this regard.

    Wait for the representatives of that minority to shut me down shortly.

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  3. Wasn’t he banned or something? He used to msg me on Instagram about trading lol.
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    Yes he was.
  5. Didn't you, under your previous nick GRULSTMRNN, leave ET in a huff over this exact same shit?


    How many of your previous nicks have been banned for antisemitic or other offensive posts, e.g. defending the Nazi invastion of Poland, virulent anti-Tim Cook homophobia, etc.? Can't you stop yourself from making these posts? You'll only get yourself banned again.

    AsiaProp, AmazingIndustry, Volpunter, ZZZZ1, NudleStrudle, GRULSTMRNN, DiceAreCast....
    And I've probably missed a few.
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    DiceK should be next
  7. Here he is. The thought and freedom of expression police. Where are you when some badly disparaged certain minorities. I have not done that in this thread at all. I pointed out my opinion on empirical evidence as I perceive it. You of course had to make it personal again. Why don't you share your thoughts on this?

    Instead the old Nazi Hammer is swung... Lol. You create a false narrative and story. When will the time come when we can openly talk what Jews do and don't do in the same way we talk about what blacks or whites or Asians do. Note that I am not interested in a political discussion as this thread is not in the political section. I merely expressed an observation and I will continue doing so when I look at white crimes. The numbers are telling when it comes to financial white crime.

    By the way, I swear I have never been banned from ET ever before. That is the absolute truth.

    But let me do you a favor. I will put you on full ignore, so you don't have to read my posts nor do I need to see your personal attacks even though I never directly addressed you.

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  8. Dice you’re generally pretty smart. Do you think that crime rate differentials are due to some kind of genetic predisposition or are they artifacts of social constructs (e.g. limited social mobility)?
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    That video is entertaining. But it is several years old. Taken out of context, the introduction is misleading. It identifies him as an "18-year old hedge fund manager." He's not 18 years old, and he's not a hedge fund manager anymore. According to Wikipedia, he was born in 1997, which makes him 23 years old today.

    He has been indicted in Ohio and Michigan for voter suppression activities.

    He has been banned for life from the NFA, and has been charged with various violations of securities laws.

  10. I don't believe in genetic predisposition regarding group behavior and moral or ethical codes, unless I am proven otherwise in the future. Most everything, I believe, is learned through experiences and upbringing, parental or peer pressure. Labeling me a nazi only shows that some have no clue about me whatsoever. I have dedicated my life to honesty and truth and to support those who lack opportunities, regardless of race, culture, sexual orientation, or gender. It shocks and saddens me that in 2021 we can still not openly talk about certain groups in our society, the rich heritage and values they have added but on the other hand also some of the drawbacks and challenges they hide by suppressing any conversation about it.

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