Can't name a group of white collar criminals?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by GRULSTMRNN, Nov 19, 2019.

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  1. So, every time I point to the fact that a large majority of white-collar criminals are Jewish my posts get deleted and I get banned from the thread? I do not beg for sympathy but isn't this getting a bit ridiculous? Please can you, @Baron, explain why any post that names other racial groups that by empirical evidence are connected to issues are overlooked but as soon as the slightest suggestion is made that Jews are linked to any crimes then all hell breaks loose. I would like to understand the hypocrisy that is all. If this site bans any connotation to Jews then please say so directly and in a straight forward fashion. If you challenge the validity of the suggestion then ask, I am happy to assemble a list of all financial white-collar crimes over the past 10 years in the US and produce evidence of the racial/ethnic background of the transgressor(s). I think it would be in the interest of Baron and the other side to clarify.

    In this thread I did not even use the term "Jewish" or "Jew" and instead alluded with Jewish names what I am talking about. Minutes later the post is gone and I am banned from the thread.

    Isn't that hypocrisy at display to only ban posts that allude to crimes committed by Jews? What is the point being made here? It appears incredibly childish to me...Again, I don't need sympathy, just clarification what is going on, so I as well can make up my mind whether to further participate on this site or not. It just seems quite weird that posts that link any other cultural or ethnic groups to crimes stand, yet anything that references Jews is taken down as if the Gestapo was at work.

    Edit: And please feel free to close down my account without further ado if it truly comes down to having confused this website to be one where even controversial content is adjudicated by other members who can openly criticize and question others' content. If it truly comes down to me not grasping that even this medium is owned and managed by someone who does not tolerate any critical remarks towards Jews in financial services then please just remove my account. No harm no foul.
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  2. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    That statement indicates that you haven't even assembled such a list yet, and so therefore, your statement about the majority of white-collar crimes having been committed by Jews is just an assumption on your part.

    Furthermore, you seem to have a hang-up with Jews versus other racial groups, so perhaps that's the real issue at hand here that you need to explain. Another member assembled a list of racist posts you've submitted here at ET and they were all negative about Jews. And there were dozens of them. In fact, you were even banned here for a week because of the cluster of aforementioned anti-Semitic posts.

    We have many Jewish members here, and they find your posts insulting and misleading. We have received many complaints about your posts, so please be aware that it's not just Baron or Magna up on a throne being biased against you as a person. Your wide-sweeping anti-semitic posts are not being well received by many members here.
  3. Perhaps because most financial crimes in the US are committed by Jews? I don't need to explain anything here, in the same way as you don't seem to want to explain why you let stand hundreds of posts each single day where people make all sorts of assumptions and share views without having to prove anything to you. There are people who make all sorts of assumptions on your site about Mexicans, Latinos, Canadians, Europeans, and not just in the politics forum. Why don't you censor that? Many Jewish readers? Lol, yet you don't give a shit about the many European readers or Mexican or Asian readers who are often enough belittled? Give me a break please. I am anti-Semitic because I suggested that most financial white collar criminals in the US are Jews? Free speech by all and about all as long as Jews are not referenced. If you think I am the asshole in the room then you should let my post stand and ask me to substantiate my claim instead of pandering to a few who display selective outrage.

    Please just close my account, this is intellectually way below my tolerance level. We both know exactly what this is all about.

  4. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    Your victimhood technique of deflecting the argument back onto me instead of addressing the points of my post is extremely juvenile.

    Per your request, you're banned now. And I will let you back on when you can substantiate your claim that the vast majority of all white-collar crimes are committed by Jews in the U.S. And that includes, but is not limited to, stock scams, check fraud, wire transfer fraud, ponzi scams, etc. and it must be all states of the U.S., not just New York and South Florida.

    Good luck with your search.
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    Baron has bent way over backwards for you to even entertain the notion of you returning. Consider yourself fortunate.
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    You’re hardly an upstanding citizen yourself.

  7. What’s your value add to this website?
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    Tiny (uncut) dick unemployed incel thread starter alert!
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    As a goy I applaud your decision!
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    You can just picture that pathetic worm gru/volpunter/asiaprop sitting in his 200SF Tokyo apt and banging out those CVs. Dozens sent to Goldman, unanswered.
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