what is a good long strategy

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  1. I have a friend, and his son wants to start trading on Robin Hood as a beginner. What is a simple yet effective long strategy to use? I'll just copy and send him whatever your advice is. (p.s. I wanted to tell him, but he says he's heard of all of the strategies... so surprise the kid, he's 14 for christ sake!!!)
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    Buy good, well-run companies. Hold as long as possible.
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  3. Buy a sector ETF that you think will outperform the snp
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    “For the best return on your money, pour your purse into your head.”
    ― Benjamin Franklin

    Seasonality and the Stock Market
    The purpose of this article is to question the popular notion that it is wise to buy and hold stock market investments and not worry about market declines along the way.

    tables, text, etc...

    This study not only demonstrates that it could be possible to reduce the time and risk associated with stock market investing, but that returns could also be significantly improved. The other interesting outcomes of the study are that the very difficult bear markets described in Table 1 were minimized or eliminated. In addition, the results associated with the recent stock market crashes of 1987 and 2000 to 2002 were practically eliminated, with the exception of a small loss in 2000 of -2.2 percent. In the final analysis, the Melded Strategy produced over 3-1/2 times the returns of the Buy and Hold Strategy, and with much less market risk!

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    semiconductor etf
  6. Permanent portfolio - depends how much you want to trade
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    Long trim, short snowflakes and hairy armpits.
  8. A high-quality strategy for trading on Forex should contain a minimum of indicators, be simple and at the same time bring good profit.
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    If he’s still a child then please let his curiosity crunch whatever he finds.

    Let him looks for pattern tape wise or chart wise.

    Price action otherwise.
    That’s what’s most funny.
    Head and shoulders, Bull flags & Co.
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    Wait for a red day. Then go long just slightly out of the money SPY calls just before the close.
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