Every Trading Method Known to Man and Beast? Right Here Baby!

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    Every Trading Method Known to Man and Beast! Every!

    If you don't see one that you may have heard of, post it here, plus please add to this thread a live tested link to more information for someone with the urge, the nerve, and the will to explore it.

    Please Be Nice.

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    Follow @B1S2 or @Dozu to trade. You get a lot of free time to play golf while making tons of money EASILY.
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    Or losing tons...still get to play golf though or twiddle your thumbs while the wife is throwing tomatoes and raw eggs at you because she can’t go to Dillards anymore.
  6. all methods can be categorized into one of the two: enter on breakout or correction.
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    thanks mr electricsavant,

    not at all clear on the issue, please, supply more detail?

    apreciate it!
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    Three Stochastic indicators adjusted to compliment and defend each others weakness
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