What I think the truth behind the corona virus boogeyman story

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  1. Just compare to superbug. There are several online articles on websearch that shows up instantly. Leading figures: at last in the USA, superbugs are injecting 3,000,000 people each year and killing 35,000. Focus is each year yes each year!!!
    Now lets compare to corona figures so far as of today, 70,000 people infected, 1,000 died. Now I feel definitely sorry about the folks being infected and incredibly sordid situation of who passed away, just look at this.
    superbug infects 42 times more, now considering it took 2 months to reach 70,000 and eventually taper off, i am going to see 35,000 each month and lets say it infected 420,000 people and kill 6,000 through linear extrapolation. Now if it spreads exponentially without drastic measures then I admit it is different story.
    But man, superbug is far more sinister and deadlier than corona

    So why all these people are drumming up, politicians etc.???
    My take in this is that stock market valuation. Just a few weeks ago, we have been enjoying longest bull period of stock market in US history. Do you want bull market to continue at this space another decade? That is huge risk!!!
    Make some boogeyman story to do some correction so that crash will be moderate rather than correction later, let's stay it happened in... I am going to pick 2024. If no intervention is made to do some correction in the middle point, if the current rally continues until 2024, image how severe the correction will be in 2024. Imagine exponential rally continues until 2024 at this space, then correction is made and bubble burst?? I see if it allowed to happen in 2024, I see blood running through streets like river (I am talking about real blood not the stock ticker color)
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    I suspect the same thing, they never normally care about old people and the media are spinning the young can die to so hard the young are way more scared than the old.

    I doubt it's as simple as that as its happening world wide, although some aren't doing lock downs and ruining there economy.

    Doubt Trump knows the answer, he's being forced it doing whatever and seems confused as to why.

    If we'd of locked the old people down 3 weeks earlier we wouldn't be in this mess and wouldn't of had to of closed the country UK wise and let it burn through the young quickly and painlessly, so don't tell me people started caring about the old suddenly.
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    You are a moron. You can't compare apples to oranges. One has already ran its course, the other one has just started. Do you always compare the life achievements of an 80 years and a 25 years old?

    Here is a blast from the past predicting this virus:

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    Noone knows why this got viral. Maybe social media, maybe regular media, maybe the increased anxiety levels that have grown over the years, maybe all together, maybe some conspiracy, who knows.

    No we didn't. Back in 2018 we dropped 20%+. That should have shaken out a lot. Secondly, haven't you noticed how all the financial news in TV has labeled this the most hated bull market ? There was no participation. Prices can rise without buying, but that's something none of you can digest or understand.

    UK and Europe were nowhere near trading at "bull market" (trading around 2015 levels prior to corona, that's 5 years of flatness!) and yet they dropped MORE than the US (percent wise). How is that possible, if any of your arguments were actually true ?
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    Stop with the based on worst case, we dont know percentage of population as most have no to mild symptoms, it could of effected 1% and its that bad or 80% and we are coming up for the max people needing care the its all over.

    If china doesnt start to spike soon then its the 80% scenario.
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    As I mentioned many many times on here. The next collapse would make the dot com fallout and financial crisis look like it never happened which is exactly what is happening this second after a record of trillions and trillions and trillions has been wiped away in market gains. Now this ultimate record collapse we are having now would have never been as severe if it were not for the trillions the fed pumped into the markets the last decade on top of the trillions of dollars worth of stock buybacks which inflated stock prices and of course the unicorn billion dollar startups. The fed created the bubble which has now gone beyond anyone's comprehension.... not only that but look at what they are doing right this second just 3 weeks after the collapse started again.....reinflating the bubble once again. Rinse and repeat...same thing over and over...not once can the free markets dictate price movement, the intervention in these markets is just out of control and unprecedented. But of course cheer the fed and their trillion dollar stimulus packages so that everything can be peaches and fucking cream all over again just to go through another crisis a handful of years later. Fools!!!!
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    The title of this article is misleading. People get sick because of cancer, influenca, HIV, a broken hip or whatever ... then they might develop second level problems like organ/blood problems or infections, which they can't fight because of antibiotic resistance. But they are dying in the first place because of cancer ,...

    It's not about the number of people dying, it's about the number of people infected at the same time and having not enough capacity to treat them. Look at Italy/Spain to see what could happen to the US next week. It's reality, no boogeyman story.
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    “Not to down play this buuutttt.....I’m totally going to down play this. Look I’m a disease expert as well as math wiz. I’m like Bruce Willis in 12 Monkeys meets Matt Damon in Good Will Hunting. If it really gets that bad I’ll go back in time and save the day. Until then keep making me money.”
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    But the point is, people die, 17,000 UK of Flu last 6months, zero media coverage, why because it over swamps hospitals every year just like this is doing, this is worse 2-4x's worse, but it's not 12 monkeys all living underground 99.99% dead, like the media have hyping it up to be.

    Why did they suddenly start caring?? what's going on, there they don't want us to pay attention to, what is there other hand doing ??

    So lets stop focusing on the people dying, lets work out, why are they doing this ??

    Put the FEAR AWAY that it could kill you!!
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    The owner of this thread is answering much better than i could : https://www.elitetrader.com/et/thre...d-of-the-flu-in-12hrs-in-one-hospital.342267/

    But I agree to your last point, no fear!
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