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    This is a follow up to my earlier thread. This is what has occurred two times to me.

    The first time, about two weeks ago, was a limit order that executed, but I was not told it executed. It finally printed about 3 - 4 minutes later. I chalked this up to a glitch. It did not "hurt" my P/L. So I was not too worried.

    This Monday it was an immediate market order about 1 minute after the bell. Again, the fill and price never posted. The only way I knew I was in a trade was because the activity log said I had "one working order." But I did not know price and could not close the order because TD Ameritrade showed NO information about the fill. It lasted over 10 minutes, close to 15.

    I was trading the QQQ. Huge index. But it turned quickly and I could not close my position for a long time. Big loss.

    Please see my other post ( about the particulars so I don't waste too much time here for everyone.

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    I generally avoid these types of threads/discussions, but after watching that video, "WooooooW." :confused::confused::confused:

    On TWS, if a trade has the slightest latency, the platform indicates that in color, and if it persists, then all hell breaks loose in the trading community. (And this is where IBKR and maybe Lightspeed/others really shine -- things get resolved in a matter of minutes/hours, NOT weeks/months. Unfathomable. :confused::vomit:)

    I would observe though (to be fair and everything), that the premise [trade condition] was not just a market order, but a "commission-free" market order. In my best New Yawk accent, "Yous getz whatchuz payz foah, eh Manny?"

    Thanks, but I'll pay for my TWS.
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    Ha. I'm just new enough to have gotten excited then my account trading commissions went to zero! lol. I could have paid three months of TWS fees with the loss due to this issue that took place in 10 minutes!

    They say the painful lessons are the quickest learned. I am moving, as well. Still looking into choices.