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  1. A couple of years ago Yahoo was allowing Traders to link Excel to their Finance feed and you could get current stock prices in the chart you designed from Excel.

    Then they dropped the link a year or so ago, when they had money problems.

    I found a link from MSN but it won't work on the current version of Excel....2016.

    I would like to try to create something like this so I don't have to keep logging in to my personal account. It's not as time consuming and it won't time me out.

    Any suggestions?
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    Google sheets will link with Google finance. Do a search. Google, of course.
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  3. I'll check it out in the morning.......
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    I believe you can do this with IB DDE but I haven't used it in quite some time
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    If you open an account with Lightspeed Trading and use Realtick, you can have access to RealTick for Microsoft Excelâ„¢. It requires the pro version with the API enabled.

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    I found these a while ago via searching Google and these forums. They offer free access. I use one of them in Excel (I don't recall which at the moment). I'm sure you can find others with a little effort.
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    Maybe you could post the excel on ET. As you have it build it saves a lot of work for other people. And at least they know it works. Is that possible?
    I don't trade stocks but why invent the warm water again?
    And for people who are not so good in Excel it might be very helpful.
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    I am currently building an Excel Financial Price Feed Add-in which will make it very easy to get live stock, currency, fund, crypto etc prices into Excel.

    You will be able to use formulas such as: =EPF.YAHOO.GetLivePrice("AAPL","Price")

    I am integrating it with Yahoo Finance, IEX and IG Index...more providers will be added once I launch it. Will post back here with details when it's ready.
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    I didn't see your post as at that time had you on ignore.
    See here a link from another post...

    Is there anything else you or anyone wants clarification on?
    I still use google sheets, in actual fact it has become a major part of my way of trading.
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