Undergrad looking to get into trading as full-time career

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by voliarb, May 9, 2011.

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    I'm going to graduate from college this May, major in finance. I have good grades and from a great business program. My background was in technical analysis in a small hedge fund.

    My goal is to get into one of the legit shops, say like Trillium....Dont care if they pay salaries, but definitely not a bucket shop...Will appreciate any advices you guys may give me. Thanks,

  2. I can't help it, this is just too weird - is the board made up solely of spamming bots?

    The name references volatility arbitrage, yet you've done technical analysis at a HF, and now want to apply to daytrading firms.

    You mention a great business program while your grammar and thought process implies anything but.

    Tone sounds like a guy, but the name is Susan. Susan sounds caucasian, though the spelling/grammar comes off Asian.

    What's with this crap? It's like someone google searched elitetrader and made a post of the most common words. Maybe this is normal, just seems really weird.
  3. Susan,

    You should check out Shill Securities. Top notch firm.
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  6. Welcome, voliarb to the Elite Trader Forums. This is a common question and has been answered in many threads at this forum, like the following threads:

    You can start with paper trading i.e. trading using paper money and not real money. Then, you can later on start trading using real money whenever confident. Moreover, it is better to do part time trading and have a job also so that you have a steady flow of income.
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    Make "friends" with a head trader if you are 1/2 way good looking he will show you the ropes, sorry, this is the only way you will get on a desk.