TWS works well with Linux?

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  1. Does anyone have this experience? Welcome to share.
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  2. Yes its a java based application, operating systems do not matter on those. It only requires the JVM to run it on, which is OS independent.
  3. Yes but give it lots of memory even if it's just gateway.
  4. kmiklas


    It worked well enough for me.

    I ran some algos with the API and the gateway worked. Execution was not so great; I was low man on the totem pole.
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  5. Yes, TWS works well on Ubuntu. I’m using it already several years.
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  6. Times


    Java is pretty terrible in my experience. ToS also uses Java and works on Linux.

    C++ is where its at.
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  7. You don't know what you are talking about. Today, Java is replacing most of the C++ code in finance for trading because the compiler and Jit makes Java as fast and in some cases faster than C++ code.
  8. You're fantasizing. If people are replacing c++ with Java it's because of Dilbert style management or well meaning but ultimately doomed new grads. A very well known hedge fund, which trafficks in mystery, once had such a team replace c++ with Java and found that they had memory leaks.

    Java is being used in back office but that is being phased out for c#.

    All that being said, Java is as good a choice as any providing you have good programmers.
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  9. Also, the current use of Java in IB is an outgrowth of the JAVA hysteria in the late 90s. Fuck SUNW.
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