Installing TWS to Linux

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  1. I got my charting software up and running with wine without a hitch, I should have know that some IB s%&t would be a huge stumbling block...

    Can anybody tell me explicit steps to install the standalone tws to a brand new install of Linux? The IB website has three steps, I'm convinced that at least one of those is wrong and nine others are missing:

    I'm [total newbie] killing a LOT of time trying to get this, maybe somebody really knows their Linux and can walk me through?
  2. hft_boy


    Whoa there. TWS is written in Java which is platform independent. You need Java runtime, which if you're on debian / ubuntu can be gotten with like
    > sudo apt-get install openjdk-6-jre
    It should be preinstalled, though, so there shouldn't be a problem.

    Maybe you can post of a list of steps you tried and what problems you are having?
  3. maxpi


    It wasn't as bad as I thought. I'm on the learning curve in Linux. Once I followed the directions a little more closely, well... basically I'm all better now...

    This is a pretty interesting little project: Career on a stick. I've put Ubuntu on a Flash Voyager super fast flash drive, Sierrachart and TWS seem to be functioning ok... now I have to figure out how to get computers in internet cafes to boot from a flash drive and I can work anywhere on earth just about... I started out with a Super+Talent flash drive and it seemed to be temperature sensitive and flakey, that threw me off, first time with Linux and I thought Ubuntu was flakey but not at all... and I didn't think I would like Linux but after a few days with it, no problem using it at all..
  4. I've never been in an internet cafe before but I find it hard to believe that they'd allow you to boot their computers with your OS.
    Those places are a security nightmare as it is.
  5. pfranz


    I have always had no problems at all installing gateway and also tws in both windows and linux (any version,even damnsmall and puppy).
    The basic idea is that
    - you have a bunch of .jar files you place in a directory of your choice
    - you install java if you don't have it yet
    - you build a link where you call java executable and tell it of the needed jar files and the settings directory
    - you launch that link
    Templates for this are in the unix instructions,you change the syntax a bit and you get the windows version of the link.
    You should be able to find the details of the above steps right for your operating system; once you can adapt those steps to various situations,you can install IB software wherever you want.
  6. It's stable on linux. Just don't use the openjava version, use the oracle one.