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Discussion in 'App Development' started by gaihosa, Jan 2, 2021.

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    Looking for a free sources for TSX historical data besides yahoo and EODdata. I need downloadable daily historical prices (ochl).
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    I can't get anything newer then 2018-03-27. If I put in a start_date I only get the column headers. I remember having this issue with quandl a few years ago. At least with the free account or maybe I'm just doing something wrong. lol
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    Probably not going to find it for free. Stockcharts.com has the data but you might have to get a subscription.

    VectorVest Canada has a free trial. It might be worth the price if it gives you the info you need.
  5. Difficult to find. I use Yahoo and it's reasonable. I've had to do manual corrections to some data but overall it's not too bad considering it's free.
    VectorVest does not support any kind of data export features so it's useless for historical data.
    I got a quote from TMX a couple of months ago and the historical data is VERY expensive.
    You could try AlphaVantage.....not sure how thorough their TSX data is.
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    I sent them an email waiting for a reply.
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    So they replied already. Copy and paste from email:

    We provide EOD historical price data for the following global markets:
    • London Stock Exchange: LON (e.g., symbol=TSCO.LON)
    • Toronto: TRT
    • Toronto Ventures: TRV
    • Germany - XETRA: DEX
    • Germany - Frankfurt: FRK
    • Euronext - Paris: PAR
    • Euronext - Amsterdam: AMS
    • Euronext - Lisbon: LIS
    • Euronext - Brussels: BRU
    • China - Shanghai: SHH
    • China - Shenzhen: SHZ
    • India - BSE: BSE

    I guess trt is the TSX. Will have to try it out in the next few days.
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    Try a free account at https://spikeet.com/