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    Well, its simple math. If you have an edge and you can turn it 50 times a day you are more likely to have a positive month than when you turn it 30 times a month.

    Its just the law of large numbers. There is a reason, why most Propshops focus on intraday trading or why HFTs trade 100k+ times per day. They dont necessarily post bigger numbers, but are far more consistent than a hedgefund for example.

    When you look at trading as a business, you feel much better when you know that the probability of a negative month is close to zero. You dont want to sit there and wonder if you can keep up the business because you havent made a dime the last two months and summer is coming

    If you have a job and swing trade as a side gig, it's different of course. But a propshop isn't looking for those people.
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  2. @TopstepTrader,

    Who said swing trading is riskier than scalping and longer time frame of the market is more uncertainty than shorter time? :D
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  3. Hard to argue with the truth
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    Don't worry, they know about the failure rate first hand. I bet the 3 months survival rate of the funded traders is only 30% or less, and the 1 year is below 10%. That's why they need the constant flow of new meat.

    Philosophical question though: if they were generating like 30+ (or whatever is the current number) new funded traders per month, thus the whole process is a success, why do they need to tinker with it in every few months? You know, don't change a winning team and such...
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    Street, you must have forgotten to take your pills, as mentioned in that thread you just quoted. In that thread, you intimated a competitor to TST. I posted the link to said company, which is the company you alluded to earlier on in that thread which you told us to Google. We found it. They compete directly with TST. So what are you saying to TST now in this thread?

    Are you trying to multi-thread? What are you, an Intel God-knows-how-old-Pentium-class processor?
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  7. You read all my post on 2 thread than you'll know. There is nothing to do with competitor here.
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    As you say sir.
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  9. s trader

    s trader

    Hi guys, have a question.

    I tried the 50k combine, almost passed but tripped the trading outside allowed hours non intentionally, just did not know. Can i appeal?
    It's a shame because if not this may be my last try.
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  10. s trader

    s trader

    Thx for the support nobody.

    Anyway, Topstep is cool with my first error so i can go on. Of course with a little penalty.
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