Why 90% of traders burn out?

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  1. Too close to the fire.Feel the heat?

  2. Tim Smith

    Tim Smith

    One word....


    They think if they haven't got a trade on they're not trading.
    They think cash is not a position.
    They think scapling on stupid-short timeframes is the only way to make money.
    They over-leverage, make large losses and then burn out trying to chase recovery.
    They exemplify everything that is "dumb money"
  3. To clarify,this was about day traders,not traders per se.
  4. Tim Smith

    Tim Smith

    Yes, and my comments were predominantly focused on day traders. They are the worst, they get attracted like flies to sh*t thinking day-trading is the only way to make money on the market. They sit infront of their screens overtrading over-leveraged trades and 99% of them end up being big fat dumb loosers.
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  5. Why 90% of traders burn out?

    Burnout? Heck, I've been doing this for 40 years and am ready for the next 40!!
    I guess if you know what you're doing, you won't run into the causes of burnout.
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  6. LOL...Thanks for posting
  7. You mean you`ve been doing demo for 40 y?
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  8. No. Demo accounts weren't available 40 years ago.
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  9. Simples


    Lack of self-management
  10. there`s non.if we talk about day trading.or for a small amount of time only - very short.
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