The S&P 500 will top soon at 2925-2930

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Will the S&P 500 top at 2925-2930 ?

  1. Hell yes your short term top will be correct again

  2. Hell no the bull market will set new all time highs and trade above 3000

  3. You're still a fool for STFT

  4. Who cares Desperado trades Billion dollar FX accounts recruited from twitter

  5. Baron is still 12% body fat and will kick your a$$

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  1. I say the S&P 500 will top at 2925-2930 and we will pull back 9% from this level
    I will allow 1% deviation on the trade so I will consider this top void if we on a closing basis are above 2959.3
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    Why not just say the market will top at 2959.3?
  4. destriero


    Because he thinks that he can take credit anywhere from current prices -> 2960.

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    Because it ain’t and it won’t cause it can’t ....with Mr T running things!

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    dude. stop calling tops! Long ago, I had that mistaken disease. Now I trade what I see and not what I think. Make more money and lose less money.

    Maybe it will top soon or maybe not. Doesn't matter to us traders.
  7. Pekelo


    Just look at it as a stop loss. You use them too. His point is, that if he is wrong only by a few points (let's say the real top is at 2935) he is practically right, but you could call him out being technically wrong. Thus the wiggle room.
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    Then should he say, "I have a limit sell order in at 2925 with my stop loss at 2960."?
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    With you and Peks as the top two traders on the board, this is very valuable information.--Izzy.
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