The S&P 500 has topped on 2/25/2019 at 2813.49

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Did the S&P 500 top at 2813.49 on 2/25/2019?

  1. Hell yes, I think you are right

  2. Hell no, you are wrong

  3. Who cares, You are still an idiot

  4. Who cares, Baron has 12% body fat and is shredded

  5. Who cares, Destiero will have an aneurism when SPX trades 3200 in 2019

  1. I say we have topped at 2813.49 in the S&P 500 or are within 28 points of topping

    I think we will pull back 5% from this level

    I will consider myself wrong if we trade above 2841.13 SPX on a closing basis before a 5% pull back happens
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  2. Option #5 is the clear choice here people.
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    #6 Thank You for a good laugh & creativity.
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  5. %%
    I thought we had topped on 2-20-2019 + last friday, VolT 00,+ it did ''top'' REAL briefly LOL; but no follow thru for polar bears/panda bears. Weak FEB buy volume could become a problem in SPY ; but on 52 week buy SPY + QQQ buy/price volume; its still strong buy /price volume .:cool::cool: NOT a prediction,not random, , not luck; its an uptrend.
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    I tend to agree with Vol.

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    Well you have to admit; every day has tops in an uptrend+ every day has bottoms in a bear trend??LOL:D:D Every day ??- yes every day, week.
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    Potentially, sometimes, due the lack of english, im not getting a portion of good jokes & what you just shared, might be one of those times, but looking from a technical perspective, - absolutely.
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  9. Lets see, we have a dovish Fed, we are in the third year of a Presidential election cycle, Freddie Mac now offers up to 80% financing on commercial multifamily from the historical 65%, new commercial truck backorders are so high that some manufacturers are declining new orders, and the US trucking freight market is beginning to improve again. All this without a new trade agreement with China.

    Fighting the Fed historically has not been the most profitable way to position trade equity indexes.

    However, should the US see continued growth to the next Presidential election, the US will have seen the longest economic expansion in history wihout being interrupted by a recession. A reasonable question to explore is whether there is a fundamental or structural reason for continued long term economic growth going forward.

    My guess is the SP500 challenges its all time high by year end.
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    Polenta starts a top thread -> ES drops 20 points off the HOD -> Polenta is still underwater on his short.

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