The Rise And Fall Of America

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  1. What about all "greenhouse gases" emitted from destroying cars in "cash for clunkers" Or taxpayer resources down the crapper investing in winners like Solyndra?
    Always be very suspicious when a scientific theory depends and relies on heavy political backing and reckless counterproductive government meddling.
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    I don't understand the video. Its extremely light on insight and heavy on thematic music. Is it anti-democracy? anti- populism? It seems to be Pro-elitism.
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  3. Not at all. It's one of the greatest short to the point videos I have ever seen describing how America has this rapid rise than slow burn decline. The elite's have been empowered by the greed of democracy which takes from one and gives to another through the ability to vote for the ones that will do their bidding. This is what both Jefferson and Hamilton warned about. I would watch and share this video with everyone you know. It really describes it all.
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    Tell me if I am missing the point:
    America became great because immigrants came here and prospered. Some of them became rich and powerful. No mention of the toll this took on the common worker.
    America today is failing because the common man wants higher minimum wages and a safety net. No mention of current immigration.
    Democracies are bad because the majority of people have a say in how their government is run. No alternative is given.

    Interestingly the people depicted in the second half of the video are majority black. In the first half, majority white. Perhaps some subliminal messaging there?
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  5. Perhaps a highly sophisticated program pretending to be an economic topic however with extremely covert political hidden agenda designed to be a vital part of :

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    That's interesting, so these "respected scientists" have proven that increasing CO2 levels in the atmosphere most certainly don't cause climate change? Or done any original research in that area at all? Or they've simply questioned some of the basis (one could say an "infinitesimal" part of the basis) for the overwhelming majority of climate science that shows it does? Because those are two very different things. If you are asserting that we should go ahead with something that the broad consensus of scientists agree will have significant consequences, the onus on you is to prove that this experiment of increasing CO2 levels by 40% over 150 years (by the way the word "infinitesimal" means something different than you apparently think it does) will almost certainly not cause these significant consequences. Not trot out a handful of dissenting voices and use that to say we should not only ignore the consensus but actually stop researching it further, nothing to see here.

    Yes, as someone who served I'd love to kill jobs that kill our troops out in the sandbox protecting your precious oil. I'd also love to destroy the jobs of all the oil spill response folks in the EPA, Coast Guard, and at every state and local emergency response level as well as all the jobs cleaning up oil spills, which are annual costs orders of magnitude more than was spent once on two programs you cited a decade ago. I'd love to replace those jobs with people building renewables and investing in researching better clean energy technology. You wouldn't? Unemployment has been below 5% since 2015; I run a business and have to steal employees from other companies, so "destroying" jobs isn't a problem we have now. But we do have a great opportunity to not only prevent a potential disaster from climate change but also the dozens and dozens of ill effects of fossil fuels. Are you in favor of the 5 million workdays lost every year due to fossil fuel pollution induced respiratory issues, the 17,000 annual hospital admissions due to fossil fuel pollution induced asthma, pneumonia, and cardiovascular issues? The healthcare costs associated with that? Not to mention the billions in direct subsidies fossil fuels get every year and the trillions they've received in the last 100 years. Keep your oily fingers out of my pocketbook! I have no idea why conservatives have decided that propping up fossil fuel companies, promoting polluting technology over cleaner technology, and putting our troops in harms way to protect all that is a conservative thing to do? Just like it's OK to be in favor of the internet even though most liberals are too, you don't have to reflexively oppose clean energy just because the other side supports it.

    Like I said, we've seen this movie before. I'll leave you with a quote from an op-ed written by Mike Pence, yes the guy who's now VP, in 2000. "Time for a quick reality check. Despite the hysteria from the political class and the media, smoking doesn't kill. In fact, 2 out of every three smokers does not die from a smoking related illness and 9 out of ten smokers do not contract lung cancer." Don't be like this guy.
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  8. It is my simplistic view that, when before implementing a good immigration policy, a country of high living standards however without legally providing adequate low-fees medical services and/or partly paid pregnancy/maternity/paternity/parental leave covering a reasonable period of extended time, would be a fairly weak or even an inferior policy - in long term.

    That some of the politicians trying to provide mainly short-term remedial solutions would not see or understand the potential problem for next generations.

    Comparing countries:


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    You may want to ask “pistol pete” aka “freud” aka “drew” if his business operates off government “grant” money! ROFLMAO
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  10. Perhaps, just perhaps, the US employment in the foreseeable future would be hit very hard by the upcoming robot revolution, instead of immigration issue. Least the Mexico wall.

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