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    I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank everyone who attended the Seminar yesterday. We had a good turnout and managed to keep people with us all day on a gorgous summer Saturday. Thank you all for taking the time out of your weekend to come be with us. Hopefully you all got more than you expected.

    Also on this thread I will post the info I did not have time to do yesterday.

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    The key to success as a trader is to get yourself into a routine. Boring, predictable. The same stuff over and over again. Once all the hype is gone, trading is a job and the only way to be successful is to treat it like a serious business. We are our own bosses, and we have to be the biggest assholes that we have ever been employed by or success will be fleeting if it is seen at all.

    Because there is a ton of money on the line, and race, sex or family background will have nothing to do with making it tends to attract the brightest and most motivated people in the world. Great traders are in a word, hungry. All of these people are after the same money you are I are trying to make. So, prep work is key. In the following paragraphs I will show you what I do to prepair for the following day.

    Market Analysis

    The very first thing I do is look at the most popular cash indexes (Dow Industreals, Transports, Ultilities, SP500, SP400, Russell 2000, Biotech, Semiconductors etc) on . I also look at some key market statistics such as the VIX, 5 day and 10 day moving average of the TRIN, high and low of day for the TICKs, Volume, Advance vs Decliners etc. This helps to give me a good idea of where the market sits. I also note any sectors that are producing setups.


    Next I look at the four key futures contracts that I feel are important in moving the market. The CBOT's Dow (/YM) and 30 Year Bond (/US) and the CME's SP500 (/SP) and Nasdaq100 (/ND). I look at daily and longer term intraday timeframes to note key area's of support and resistence. This gives me a good idea of what price levels to be aware of the following day. The market analysis and futures analysis takes about 40 to 60 minutes.

    Individual Stocks

    I feel that it is very important for a trader to get a good look at the top stocks each and every day. This is true whether you trade stocks or futures for a living. I can not recall how many times I have gotten key insights just by scanning the various components of the SP500, Nasdaq100 and the top 200 volume stocks of the day. I look for classical setups such as pullbacks, breakouts, head and shoulders, flags, double tops and bottoms etc. The 90 or so minutes I spend each night on this has made and saved me more money then I care to count. Again, all of these can be found on Next I go back to my sector list. As you will recall I write down the sectors which themselves are producing good setups. What I will now do is go and look at each of the stocks in this group and analyize them for a trade. I look for setups and relative strength. This takes between 10 and 60 minutes depending on how many sectors are setting up.

    I next go to the various setups and scans that are programed into The first one I always go to are the Oops setups. This is the one setup that I believe a daytrader could stake his or her career on and always come out ahead. It is by far the best setup I know of for stock traders. I next go to the trending section of tradingscans and look at the all uptrending (A) and all downtrending (A) stocks. As when I look at the database in the large indexes I am looking for classical pattens that can key me in to the next big move. All of this takes another 90 to 120 minutes.

    When my analysis is done I tend to have a large number of stocks written down on a piece of paper to look at further (sometimes up to 50). I try to get this down to a managable number (15/20) by looking deeper at these stocks. I will go over the weekly and key intraday timeframes to clue me in as to which ones might be offer the best opportunties. Finally, I look at my list from the prior day and see if there where any large movers on it that did not make it to my final list. When this occurs I will go back and study this chart to see if there is anything I missed would have had me putting this stock on the final list. I always have learned more by my mistakes then triamphs, so don't cheat yourself by avoiding this critical phase of your nightly study. This final sporting takes another 30 to 45 minutes.

    All told I spend 4 to 6 hours each night market analysis. This is in line with all the most successful traders I know. Trading is a lot of time and a lot of work. It is something that you must have a passion for in order to continue on. I think it's also important to realize that your real work is done at night. Most traders make the mistake of thinking they work between 9:30AM and 4:00PM. This is like saying a professional football player works for 60 minutes on Sunday. That is riduclous, the 60 minutes on Sunday is the cummulation of years of hard work and practice. Sunday is when he gets to put it all together, let loose and play. If your trading is to be successful, that is how 9:30 to 4:00 has to be.

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    21:13] <brandon> Ill share with you quickly a method for centering
    [21:13] <brandon> you can do it any time
    [21:13] <brandon> try it before you go to bed at night
    [21:13] <brandon> and before you start to trade in the day
    [21:13] <brandon> it takes about 20 minutes
    [21:14] <brandon> start off by focusing on your breathing
    [21:14] <brandon> breath deeply in and out and focus on your breath as it enters and exits your body
    [21:15] <brandon> try to feel the air as it moves through your nose and it fills your lungs
    [21:15] <brandon> while you do this, focus on your chest walls and belly expanding as your breath
    [21:16] <brandon> then breath out through your mouth and and note the passage of air
    [21:16] <brandon> pay attention to your breath and how it occurs naturally and without effort
    [21:16] <brandon> the air moves slowly in and out of your lungs almost with out effort
    [21:17] <brandon> now you should allow your breathing to become even more calm and smooth
    [21:17] <brandon> notice how your body feels
    [21:17] <brandon> also notice how calm you become while focusing on your breathing and forgetting your other concerns
    [21:18] <brandon> now allow your focus to shift to other parts of your body
    [21:18] <brandon> keep breathing deeply and keep your eyes closed
    [21:18] <brandon> then put your arms gently on your thighs and make a fist with your right hand
    [21:18] <brandon> (I promise this is going someplace and it'll be helpful.. stick with me)
    [21:19] <brandon> press your fingers tightly against your palm
    [21:19] <brandon> tighten the muscles in your wrist and forearms until you feel some mild tension
    [21:19] <brandon> take a deep breath and hold it briefly
    [21:20] <brandon> now let the breath out as you let your muscles relax
    [21:20] <brandon> let them go limp as the tension drains
    [21:20] <brandon> note the relief of this relaxed state
    [21:20] <brandon> and now it differs from the tense state
    [21:21] <brandon> take a few deep breaths again
    [21:21] <brandon> only focusing on your breathing and repeat the process with your left arm
    [21:21] <brandon> next focus on your head and face
    [21:21] <brandon> close your eyes tightly
    [21:21] <brandon> stretch your forehead muscles up as far s you can
    [21:22] <brandon> pull the corners of your mouth back until you feel the tension everywhere in your face
    [21:22] <brandon> experience this sensation of stress
    [21:22] <brandon> now breath it out and let it go
    [21:23] <brandon> notice the difference between the stress and the calm
    [21:23] <brandon> keep repeating this process through your neck and shoulders, then your chest and abdomen
    [21:23] <brandon> finally to your legs and ankles
    [21:23] <brandon> when you have finished this
    [21:24] <brandon> again focus on your breathing as you were when you started the exercise
    [21:24] <brandon> now focus on a place that you create in your mind that you would like to be
    [21:24] <brandon> think of a relaxing place
    [21:24] <brandon> a mountain
    [21:24] <brandon> a beach
    [21:25] <brandon> what ever it is for you
    [21:25] <brandon> and feel the sensations
    [21:25] <brandon> smell the smells
    [21:25] <brandon> really be there and see this in your minds eye
    [21:25] <brandon> you will need to do this for several weeks before you can apply it to your trading plan and goals
    [21:26] <brandon> but do this exercise every day until it is easy for you to become centered and focused
    [21:26] <brandon> <you can also use this exercise to relieve every day aches and pains, headaches and even severe migraines)
    [21:26] <brandon> now once you have reached a point were you can reach centering relatively easily
    [21:27] <brandon> the next thing is to apply this to your trading goals
    [21:27] <brandon> at the end of the exercise were you had visualized a perfect place
    [21:27] <brandon> substitute this for how you will trade ideally
    [21:27] <brandon> see yourself at your desk responding to the market
    [21:28] <brandon> plan out the trades in your mind while you are in this relaxed centered state
    [21:28] <brandon> in this state you need to visualize yourself trading in line with the success of the goal you have established for yourself
    [21:28] <brandon> This is a technique that Olympic skaters will use often
    [21:29] <brandon> before they even get on the ice they will spend a lot of time visualizing the execution of the performance
    [21:29] <brandon> as a practical trading example
    [21:29] <brandon> I had a hang up going over 10 contracts of the Nasdaq Emini's
    [21:29] <brandon> it was not that I did not have the money to do os
    [21:29] <brandon> but I just did not have the mental capacity to do it
    [21:30] <brandon> so I had to bring myself to a centered state and then see in my mind myself executing 10 or more contracts
    [21:30] <brandon> being in the flow and doing it according to my plan for myself
    [21:30] <brandon> when I started doing this
    [21:30] <brandon> I actually couldn't even do it in my mind
    [21:30] <brandon> I could not see myself successfully executing and trading 10+ contracts
    [21:31] <brandon> when this occurs you have to simply acknowledge the thought and let it pass
    [21:31] <brandon> maintain yourself in a centered manner
    [21:31] <brandon> and allow yourself to experience the success you are building toward
    [21:31] <brandon> with practice you will be able to do it in your mind
    [21:31] <brandon> and once you have done that and gotten the execution down there
    [21:32] <brandon> it is much less of a problem to do it in real life as you have in a sense already been there
    [21:32] <brandon> at the end of each trading day it is helpful if you review all of your trades that you took in your mind
    [21:33] <brandon> and compare them to how you trade in your mind
    [21:33] <brandon> find the discrepancy between were you are and were you want to be a
    [21:33] <brandon> and begin to correct them
    [21:33] <brandon> after you have visualized your success you must stay involved in the market
    [21:33] <brandon> if there is nothing for you today
    [21:33] <brandon> then that is ok
    [21:34] <brandon> but be preparing for tomorrow
    [21:34] <brandon> always stay in the game when its open
    [21:34] <brandon> when you are in the trades
    [21:34] <brandon> during the day
    [21:34] <brandon> stay in a state that is as close to centered as you can get (eventually you will be able to be centered most of the time)
    [21:34] <brandon> and think of the process of the trades not the results at this time
    [21:35] <brandon> its important to focus on the process because we already know we have an edge
    [21:35] <brandon> and focusing on the immediate result of each trade can cause you to become distracted and remove you from a centered state
    [21:36] <brandon> at the point of execution you need to get to a point were your mind is clear and only focus is on the process because having too much concern at the time of execution is like being a tense archer
    [21:36] <brandon> you will miss the target

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    Spend every trading day free for one month with me in my virtual trading room as Toni, Myself and our assistants track and trade stocks and emini's!

    Each day in the TFMS Live Trading Rooms is like going to an expensive stock market seminar with two exceptions: Everything we teach works, and we prove it to you day after day in REAL TIME. After reach trade is completed a a chart of the entire trade is posted and a thorough explanation of the trade takes place to insure that you profit not only in the market, BUT IN YOUR MIND AS WELL. After the explanation you will be free to ask any remaining questions you have, nothing is off limits with us, all questions will be addressed.

    Be privy to our live market commentary explaining our thought processes as the day moves on and we develop and implement our strategy. We will you through market action during all the active periods to insure you are not getting hurt and are in a position to profit as soon as our opportunities appear. You will lean how a professional evaluates opportunities as they come along, and once the evaluation is done how it is put into action. We will post charts of the markets action and our trades which show the reason for the trade and its progress from start to finish. Nothing is left out and we don't hide behind best case numbers like most other rooms. You will be able to go back and review the charts yourself along with the lesson that is given for the trade. Additionally, unlike most other rooms Toni and I are available throughout the day via private message to help you one on one with trades. In addition to this we have a steady membership base of long term members, most of whom are willing to spend time sharing their experience and helping you.

    As a member of either or both of the TFMS Live Trading Rooms you will learn

    -How to find the high percentage setups that occur every day in the market. Most traders shoot from the hip and sadly their trading accounts show this fact very clearly. You will learn how we take advantage of the market when it is trending up, down or sideways.

    -When to trade and when to sit. One of the most important lessons, and one that unfortunately due to relationships with brokerage firms and other factors most trading services have a vested interested in NOT teaching you. The simple fact is that being a day trader does not mean trading every single day: Knowing which days to trade and which days to sit aside before the market is closed can literally save you hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.

    -How to trade the gap. Simply stated a gap is the most powerful event on a chart, but most people haven't a clue as to how to take advantage of it. Being able to apply this one nugget of knowledge, which you are exposed to every day in the TFMS Rooms, can make you millions of dollars.

    -How to incorporate multiple timeframes into your trading. Most traders are so busy looking at their 1 minute and 5 minute charts that they neglect the big picture. Even those that do look at bigger timeframes tend to do it in the wrong way, costing them money and opportunities every day. We will show you how to have the larger potential gain of the bigger timeframes, but take the smaller risk which is found only in the smaller timeframes, on all of your trades. This too can make you hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars.

    -Money Management. Most traders use either too much, or not enough leverage in their trading. A mistake in money management can seriously reduce your chance of success even if every other part of your game is in perfect order.

    I look forward to meeting you and sharing my hard won knowledge with you each and every trading day. Regardless of your being a new trader just learning, or are currently trading professionally and would like to improve your skills the TMFS Live Trading Rooms are the one place you are sure to learn the proper skills that give you a chance this competitive market.

    For A FREE TRIAL to the TFMS Live Trading Room visit

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    The mentoring process will encompass the trading day from 8:00am Eastern Time until 5:00pm for two weeks. The mentoring process will be a “real time trading” experience. You will experience the full process from market analysis, risk analysis, to putting on the trade, to closing the trade.

    1. You will learn FrameSync. Learn how to free yourself from "having blinders on" in regards to what the market is doing by using multiple time frame analysis.

    2. After learning FrameSync; you will learn how to apply the “BASSAR” method to your trading. BASSAR is buy at support, sell at resistance. By applying BASSAR with FrameSync analysis, you will increase your probabilities of a successful trade.

    3. You will learn the difference between “the best available trade” and a “best trade”. It is important to know the difference between taking any setup that comes along or being able to “wait” for “the best setups”. Several setups will be profiled to show how to wait for the “best setups” including the 5/15, the Avalanche, the Phoenix and Crouching Tagger
    4. You will learn how to prepare before the open for the days’ trading.

    5. You will learn the concept of how to get a larger time frame trade idea with a smaller time frame entry and stop loss. Several setups will be demonstrated such as the “5/15” and “The Pouncing Tagger”.

    6. You will learn the concept of finding confluence for your trades. The more reasons you can get to support your trade idea; the more reliable your setup and stop loss should be.

    7. We will discuss risk management, and money management and how they all relate to your trading.

    8. Stop loss and trailing stops will be discussed along with other reasons to exit a trade.

    9. After learning and understanding the concepts and setups, we will discuss profit taking the Aiki way. We all have to find our edge in trading; Brandon’s is trading the open. Aiki’s edge is being able to set targets and being able to take profits at the proper time. You will learn Aiki’s Three Methods of Profit Taking.

    10. To round out your experience, you will get many Aikisms or mantras that he has found that help traders to understand concepts and ideas that he presents.

    Agenda for the First Week Mentorship With Ron Loftis (Aiki)

    Daily Schedule
    8:00 - 9:00
    9:00 - 11:30
    1:00 - 2:00
    2:00 - 4:00
    4:00 - 5:00
    Lessons and Questions
    Trading Observation and Questions
    Lessons and Questions
    Trading Observation and Questions
    Wrap-up, Review and Questions

    For more info on Mentoring w/ Ron email
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    Thanks! I can not find the chat log of yesterday.
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    I just talked on the phone to Baron and he is getting it edited. The seminar went on for over 6 hours, so there is a lot of work in the edit process. I think it will be up tomorrow.

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    I will start posting a copy of the synergy newsletter to ET each Sunday evening for the next month along with follow up. I will get the thread up tonight. I will also put swingtrading ideas on there as I find them in my nightly scanning. This will help to give a good idea of what we do and what we look for.

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    I was just wondering if I could get some feedback from those of you that attended. Did you like it or not? What did we do well, what could be improved for the next one? Would you come to another TFMS Online Seminar etc etc. Thanks,
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