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    Feature request:

    Can the ET software add hard checks to prevent other members from posting on my threads if they have elected to block me completely.

    I am NOT talking about people i have decided to ignore or block.

    I am talking about people who have decided they want to block me completely.

    I have experienced this a few times.

    I create a thread, but then people who have elected to block me completely still post on my threads. And then they get replies which make no sense cause i never saw the original or any re-quotes, making my own threads which i may have spent time writing very confusing.

    A check and reject needs to be done at post submit time, "Sorry you cant post any replies to this thread because YOU have elected to have the original thread poster on complete block"

    Even if the ET software hides my threads from people who have me on block, this doesn't work as long as the URL is still accessible they will paste it from a logged out browser session and then use the reply function from a logged in account session.

    This should be really easy to implement, just check the repliers block list to see i they have elected to block the thread creator and then reject any posts if so.
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  2. Baron

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    That's not what's happening. What they are doing is unblocking you temporarily so they can post on your thread and then re-blocking you after that so you can't see their posts. Let me know the username(s) of who is doing that in your threads.
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    Test message post considering I'm no longer able to post in the Political section but I can give likes on messages in the Political section. :rolleyes:

    See image below on one message I tried to post out of several in other threads in the Political section...a strange like 'queing' window shows up and post is not able to get posted. I thought it was my browser so I tried two other browsers...same problem...

    Not able to post a message but able to "like" messages by others.


    Edit: Issue seems to now be the thread Another School Shooting @

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  4. Millionaire


    I think it is what is happening. At the moment it looks like there is no need to take people off your block list in order to post on their threads.

    I just did a quick test.

    I was just able to post on one of exGopers threads even though i have him on complete block, without taking him off my block list.

    I deleted the post after.

    Although i couldn't see exGopers posts on his thread, i could see posts from other people and i guess i can reply to those and start a thread conversation with people on his thread. And exGoper will see parts of the conversation but with my all my requoted bits censored out..
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  6. wrbtrader


    It's a well-known glitch with the ignore/block that essentially makes the ignore/block useless.

    I use to complain about it but was given a cold treatment as if I didn't know what I was talking about.

    Next, a few other members and I decided to ignore/block each other and all five of us were able to determine how other members have been navigating around the ignore/block considering several well-known trolls here at ET seem to be experts at navigating around that glitch.
    • We would be on the telephone talking to each and posting at ET to try to figure out how others were navigating around our ignore/block in our own threads...we came to a conclusion it's just a glitch...a glitch that should be fixed.
    The trolling got so bad...I was complaining a lot to ET management without the trolls being told to stop and without them being given a public warning to stop...I was forced to ask ET management to close one of my threads to keep the trolls that I had on ignore/block from posting in my thread.

    Unfortunately, that enrages some trolls and they then just go look for you in threads you're posting that were started by someone else.
    • The threads in question were not in the Political section and I have a strong opinion that trolling should not be allowed in other threads..."outside" of the Political section.
    Strangely, I've seen ET management ban someone from another member's thread upon that member's request even though the members did not have each other on ignore/block. Just as odd, the member's in question can reply (quote) to each other in another thread but one was not able to post in the other's thread.

    In fact, when questioned about it...Baron stated he received a complaint and you're banned from that thread. This is when I realized Baron had the ability to ban individual's ability from a specific thread which seems, in my opinion, much more effective than member's obviously navigating around the ignore/block that has a glitch.

    Just as strange, I've seen ET management make posts in the past here in the Feedback section that trolling here at the forum is not allowed and one only needs to contact them and send them "links" to the message posts in question as if they have the ability to do something about it.

    My point, I think most of the problems can easily be resolved if there was a feature that allowed members to ignore/block/ban another member from their threads and that will solve the well-known glitch being exploited by some trolls with only a ignore/block feature.
    • Thus, if Baron added a "ban" feature for us to use in our own threads...I wouldn't be surprised if it resulted in fewer trolling problems especially in threads outside of the Political section.
    If I remember correctly, a ban feature had been requested a few times in the past by others but they were told it would easily be abused by those that create their own threads. I personally disagree with that considering it should be enabled for threads outside of the Political section whereas it would not be available in the Political threads.

    You know it's a problem because I've had others say they can not even start a thread in the Journal section, Wall Street section, Economic section, or anywhere else that's not political nor in the Political section because of some idiotic troll here at ET...lurking in the shadows like some vampire ghoul that you already have on ignore/block but waiting to harass you in your own threads.

    Also, there are the "lurker trolls"...they are long-time members that do not post too much but they use the "like" feature to like the message posts of other members that are trolling other members...

    In my opinion, that in itself encourages more trolling.

    Yet, if ET management can not fix the ignore/ should be openly stated to those complaining to them in private message that they're aware of the problem but you just need to "suck it up" when the trolls show up in your threads and offer you the solution they can ban them from your threads instead of you needing to request it because many do not know they can request a troll to be banned from their threads.

    Note: All of this started one day in the trade journal section when someone pm me to ask me who the hell was I talking to because my message post seemed psychotic...he could only see my message and not the message post of the person I was quoting. In fact, he asked me if I was talking to him or talking to someone else.

    I gave him the username and he stated he had that username on his ignore/block. I advised him to complain to Baron and company...he said he did but the trolling continued.

    I eventually left the thread and he soon let his trade journal thread die...he has not started another trade journal and I'm not sure if its because of the trolling. Later, I had the exact same problem with two other trolls that were on my ignore/block in threads outside of the Political section.
    • The person that was trolled in his own trade journal thread...he's never posted in the Political section at that point in time.
    That's when I first became aware of a trolling problem of another member that I know and a glitch with the ignore/block although I didn't understand problems being discussed about the ignore/block feature here in the Feedback section prior to that trade journal.

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  7. wrbtrader


    I forgot to mention that I think Baron is talking about someone that has you on ignore/block and that person then takes you off ignore/block so that they can quote/reply to you and then they put you back on ignore/block.

    In contrast, you're talking about you having someone on your ignore/block list and they're able to still quote you (its a well-known glitch that I will explain later) or they're able to post in your own threads.

    Here's the glitch...if you're the last poster in someone's thread that's not on your ignore/block...a troll can show up to then quote/reply to you because your message post is the last message post in that thread even though you have the troll on ignore/block.

    The above is about someone's else thread.

    The glitch still exists in your own thread but a little differently. Someone on your ignore/block can still post in your threads by simply quoting/replying to someone else in your thread.
    • The above are the two well-known glitches with the ignore/block and the ban feature that Baron has used that involves giving someone a ban to prevent them from posting in your thread seems to be the only solution that works.
    Unfortunately, there seems to be a bias about which members can get that because some can not after its asked while others can get someone banned from their thread.

    This is the only reason why I suggest that members should have the ability to "ban" others from their thread on their own but only after that person had been navigating around your ignore/block. It's a feature that many forums have these days instead of relying on the forum owner to do the bans for you in your own threads.

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  8. Overnight


    Giving members the ability to ban others from their own threads will never happen, because you then get biased threads.

    I still believe deep down that the best solution for now, albeit a weaker one, is the inability to lift a user from your block list for a fixed time frame, say 60 days, once you place them on block.
  9. Millionaire


    That is a bad idea.

    What i want is something different.

    What i can do at the moment is block you but still post on all the threads you create. Without taking you off my block list. And you cant see my posts on your threads.

    This doesn't even have to be malicious or trolling, it can happen by accident, if i follow someone who posts on your threads i could just be honestly replying to them in one of your threads.
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  10. Overnight


    As sad as it is regarding my post count, I have no idea how it looks from that side of the table, because I have never put anyone on ignore or block, even though I have been ignored and/or blocked by folks here. And I refuse to do that, so I cannot get a sense of what blocker/ignorers can or cannot do. I am officially the most active user with the least amount of experience with blocking users. Pathetic.
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