Software Used to Trade Jack Hershey Methods

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  1. Nice to hear some talk on this topic. Really cant find JHM/Spyder comments anywhere else.
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  2. Pepe


    Yeah, most of the "old" material are probably lost.

    It remains the journals here on ET and on Traderslaboratory.
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  3. Pepe thanks for adding those scripts. Just wanted to ask you, how do you get 2 scripts to run on the same chart so that I could use both the Prorata Script and DomNonDom? Wondered if you have the overnight gap taken out with the script?

    One other quick question... can you use this on anything other than ES-Mini?

    Really appreciate your time!
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  4. Pepe


    You can use the scripts with any symbol, but for CME/Global Futures you need to change the name of the active contract inside the script due to different exchange session timeframes.

    When you create them in Pine Editor you have a "Add to Chart" option near the "Save As" button.

    Also, and after creating/saving the scripts in TV you can add them to your chart using the button on the chart toolbar "Indicators & Strategies". Look at the "My Scripts" folder for them.
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  5. Thats great... appreciate it!
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  6. do you draw gaussians manually or just didn`t want to include them in the scirpt?
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    Currently where the active discussions are taking place:

    I wouldn't get hung up on 'lost material.' Jack spawned a web of posts where by following links and using long-tail search strings, all the pieces are still here/there. It is true as time passes links in google search results are diminishing but for some things adding the time era helps dig up older stuff.

    Imho, for the newly exposed, starting at PVT is essential. There are concepts presented in each of his systems that dovetail into each other and without the essential background as one attempts 'short-cuts' the only short-cut is how quickly ones capital gets extracted from you vs extracting capital from Wall st. Starting with a premature entry with an incomplete knowledge base exposes oneself to unnecessary risk.

    I believe this was intentional in that money-grubbers just want short-cuts and not really interested in developing their 'spectrum of differentiation.'

    Software is awesome yes, and it all starts with doing drills with paper, pencil, 3-ringed binders, a ruby red eraser and working with the software between one's ears. ;)

    edit: I think what trips up some folks is reading to 'get through' a thread vs reading for comprehension. With that said, I'm gonna focus my replies to this thread as it specifically relates to software and leave the other discussions for other threads.
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  8. Thank you Sprout for those other threads... I will check those out! I appreciate it.
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  9. Hey Pepe, can you tell me what your profile name is on TV that way I can find your scripts? I searched your same name Pepe on TV and I see a profile (probably a different person) that doesnt have anything. I appreciate it!
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    Hi, my profile is not public on TV yet.
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