Pictures of your trading stations

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    Yes we should have a standard way of measuring, like yearly profits in $ per square inch of screen. :D
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    profits per dpi
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  3. My nighttime hardware. A single S8 charge can power the VR goggles for 2 trading sessions or more.
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  5. It’s very rudimentary,

    Samsung 360 uses power source from Galaxy Note 8. The S8 is loaded with traditional smart phone apps. It’s a multi hour cordless experience.

    Samsung Occulus designed a porting software that lets you use your smart phone apps besides traditional VR software. The traditional VR videos are amazing.

    I don’t have SIM card in the Galaxy. I’m just using it for WiFi connection VR. The trading software that’s loaded is Thinkorswim and TeamViewer Remote Desktop connection. TOS lets you trade directly using a free floating wireless cursor that comes with Samsung 360. I use Teamviewer to check on remote server that’s running autotrading/algo software.

    The available software for trading in VR or 3 dimensional representation of price action is rudimentary. I might try to design one.
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    I have a 27inch iMac. one screen. I also trade on my iPhone or iPad when I dont want to go to the office using the Etrade and Td apps.

    If you want rock solid 24/7 reliability for years, get a Mac.
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    Believe it or not, I mostly trade from my phone or ipad, but I log into my screens from my smaller device to monitor positions. I don't need to stare at the markets for 10 hours a day, 2 hours is all I need evenly dispersed for about 18 hours straight. ( 10 minutes per hour or so. )
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    Same here, I do most of my trade from my iPad and Use the multi screen when I'm hunting a good flight ticket or doing some research.
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  9. [​IMG]
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