Does VR work for trading software?

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  1. Has anyone tried to use virtual reality instead of a multiple monitor approach? In theory, if there was specialized software it could make charts a lot more interesting and versatile. But I'm more interested in simply replacing a multi-monitor setup with one pair of VR glasses.
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    That is a very interesting thought, I haven't used VR much but I wonder what the strain on the eyes would be staring at a screen so close to your face for hours on end.
  3. try Infinite Rez - Area X..PSVR platform.

    It has great potential for end data stream display after filters are setup.. the wire mesh graphics would be ideal for trading platform. A spike in derivative activity would pop up on VR landscape. And algo can be deployed in real time to that derivative with many other derivatives in play in the background.

    I ended up buying 3 setups but the kids don't seem to use them as much as I thought they would. Its very immersive.
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    Gustave Navlet who sculpted the bas-reliefs by candlelight on the cellar walls of Pommery apparently went blind, there's a very good reason why long term use of vr and charts is stupid. But people do all sorts of idiotic things to try and gain an edge.
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  5. Definitely gonna happen in the future and it's gonna be super useful.
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    26 minutes of garbage video!
    Why waste our time with that?
  7. The wire mesh graphics plus infinite horizon back drop is something I would love to have in VR trading platform app.
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    Ok, please enlighten, all I saw was an animated figure floating around with flashing lights and funny music.
    What was the takeaway from the video....? Sorry, I'm a bit thick to grasp the significance.
    Is it something that can be only appreciated thru a VR headset and not a standard monitor?
  9. It’s very hard to design a visually appealing trading app for VR. I was using the example as nice possible format.

    With wire mesh, you can have spinning representation of the earth with all the global exchanges and states. The floating character can move to proximity of the spinning globe and visualize what is currently happening on those exchanges.

    Also real time weather can also be overlay. You can have multiple flat images of charts in 360 field of view and move character from one chart to the next.
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    Thanks for bringing this up. Has lots of potential. :)
    Will do some homework on it because I thought about VR a while back but didn't know it was already used to do away with mult imonitors.
    Thx again
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