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  1. The past few trading days, I knew that my setup was developing and the payoff would be relatively huge. Sure enough, the setup developed but I didn't get the payoff.


    It appears that I received the latest prices after the time period closed and I just dropped the updated prices. Had I not done that, my payoff would have been about $10K today.

    In addition, had the bug I discussed earlier been fixed, I would have also been able to take advantage.

    I feel sort of disappointed that it didn't work out, but I'm also excited for the following reasons:

    1. It took me 3-5 minutes to figure out why the trade was not entered into live.
    2. I knew my setup was developing, I knew it would happen, it did, it triggered.

    I am definitely refraining from calculating exactly how much I didn't make today :)
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  2. Also, this happened earlier today. That's connections and disconnections from IB.

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  3. Don't consider this as losses, but as "learning fees" and part of your "self-funded education". These are investments, not expenses or costs.
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  4. I think this bug is fixed. Just saw the conditions manifest and it didn't have an issue.
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  5. Just when I thought it was safe... Today, Interactive Brokers decided to shit its pants and deleted my paper trading account (customer service couldn't find it). So hopefully the reset makes a new one available tomorrow. No trading today, and possibly not tomorrow either!

    Ah well, thumb twiddling time.
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  6. WTF? Funny, but not :)
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  7. I know. Very sad.
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  8. Still no paper trading account, "An IB representative will be with you shortly"
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