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    I just traded into a new long on Friday 10-01-2021 so this is a good time to try this out.

    SPY swing trades with hold time days to months.

    Will track here only dollars(points) profit per share (not position size).

    Will start tracking profit(loss) from current position in this journal.

    Trades are based on how the market is acting and I do use a daily chart. I use both SPY and the ES emini charts.

    Trades sometimes entered based on the end of the day finish. Sometimes positions are entered during the day based on what the daily chart showed before the open and how the market is acting if I am available to watch it. I still have a day job so watching is not always possible.

    I have no fundamental thesis.

    Long entry $429.50

    There is no target and there is no stop loss. The position will be traded out based on what the market does. Will remain long as long as that is what looks to me the most beneficial.

    Goal is big profit or small loss.

    I trade at Think or Swim. Included position statement and chart of ES & SPY side by side that I use.

    MA is 50 day simple.
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    When I am long I like to find things on the internet that support my position.

    Just found this one.

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    But this one gives me the most confidence. Why would the SPY not double top if the bull market is over? And who is to say that it is over. Seasonality argues for strong rally to start any day now and take us to meet the Santa Claus.

    10-06-2021 ES-SPY Trade.JPG
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    I have been thinking about also trying to day trade ES futures. But maybe I will consider using micros in place of SPY for my swing trades. It seems like so many of the bigger moves happen overnight and not during the day. Maybe instead of intraday trading I could do interday trading?
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    Well yeah, the very definition of swing trading is "interday".
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    I know the market is random but I see things like this and I think "what a coincidence!"

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    You should be doing the opposite.
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    You're welcome. You must be bold and use proper risk management if you rely on the trend line as a sole indicator to take a position. Look for other dynamics or signals for confirmation. If it fails, look to exit quickly. If it's a false fail, then be nimble and look to re-enter. At minimum, you can make a calculated risk in that area.
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