Mega Money Madness!!! (£100 Account)

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  1. Thought I'd start a new one as I've opened an Oanda account with £100.Still get the buzz but no threat of financial armageddon.I'll take it seriously this time.Intraday swings/scalps and maybe a few position trades.Aim is to make £5000 in the year.Again,if you're entertained visit my thread in politics and religion.
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    huh, speechless
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    All you have to do is make 1.8%/day compounded over 220 days. So ur first days target is only $1.80!
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    And you label the journey Mega Money Madness?
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  5. It'll be fun without any worries.£5000 was too much to 'advertise' my thread but this is still value for money I think.
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    I too opened an OANDA account, but with $100 as opposed to £100—my aim being to end each day with a profit to see where that put me at the end of one year (be it £5000 or whatever). However, I had to zero my balance in order to purchase Christmas gifts for ALL of my extended family members, so perhaps I can sell some of the gifts (on ebay) that I received which I would have never requested for myself in order to replenish my account and continue my quest—God willing. I’m very curious to see if this thread lasts or if you abandon your mission before the year is up. As for me, I have 100% confidence in my system, so I am determined to see this plan all the way through to the other side, provided the Lord does not lead me to do otherwise, of course.
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    Best of luck.
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  9. In a previous incarnation 'a friend' might have lost a fortune through (his own foolishness) by following and giving it away in other areas of life too.Just terrible timing for him to be an aspiring trader at that time (and gullible. He had an unusual life situation he was trying to escape from).I don't think any discrete 'method' will work.The market is a perfect grinder of edge.However,business needs to be done and humans have emotions and there are economic beliefs that are manifested into laws and rules by those who govern us.You can make money in stocks because of the drivers.You can be an options seller at certain points.I like 'trading' but I don't think I'll get rich again doing it.I missed bitcoin too lol.This is a stress free fun journal with play money that hopefully will get me to pull my socks up and get (more) automated.Because of my faith I'm not worried about riches anymore too so it's all good.
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    I lost my hard earned $6000 because of the bloody Greeks Back in 2011 LOL

    effin idiota bought 3 times into the falling knife in EURUSD

    then because i coudn't hedge i sold 3 lot position locked in minus and reversed.

    then instead of holding when bottomed i sold

    what an idiot , hahahaha
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