Looking for Day trading/Swing teacher/mentor in Chicago area

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  1. I am in search of a day trading/swing trading expert in Chicago area. I live near Joliet but I am willing to travel to the city for lessons. Looking for someone who would be available in person, evenings one or 2 days a week and maybe available on Skype one or 2 days a week.If you have price for services,let me know cost. If not,we can work together to come up with pricing that is fair for both parties. If interested please reply or send DM. Thank you for reading.
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    just learn yourself and lose and then start again from scratch i think day trading doesn't exist its a big dream
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    Well since you’re in the Chicago area do a bit of reasearch on the futures prop firm business model. Manual day trading outrights pretty much died off for them.
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  4. Thank you. I will check it out. Yeah I am not necessarily wanting to learn day trading only. I just want to learn short term trading in any or all aspects
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    You cannot buy trading success.

    Choose your market. Spend some time watching what it does. Devise a method of taking money out of the market. Now prove that it doesn't work. If you can't prove it doesn't work you have a viable strategy.

    Spend some time researching why traders fail. Then don't do that.
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    Develop you trade method and then find someone to trade with in the Joliet area. Trading with another person (in person) in the same home office may be just as helpful as using a mentor even though the other person in the office is not there to mentor you.

    Its just a way to help yourself into to following your trading plan which is what most traders have problems with. Also, you will not have to pay for it and may even result in sharing office expenses...saving you money. ;)

    Also, why look for someone in the Chicago area when you're located in Joliet area ???

    That's a tough commute to/from the Chicago area from Joliet.

    P.S. A guy near the Joliet area posted a Youtube video a few years back showing his state of the art trading office remodeled into his basement. He was looking for a person to share office expenses.

    I don't remember the name of the video nor the specific city near Joliet. May be worth your time to research it and then look him up. He was not a mentor and seem to be just looking for a trading pal to split expenses but willing to share what he knows as long as it was mutual.

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  7. Thank you very much!!! That is what I am looking for,somebody to trade with and bounce ideas off of, I will see if I can find out who you are referring to in Joliet and track him down
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    ROFLMAO...doesn’t exist..big dream...ROFLMAO
  10. When you think it's time to buy, place a market "sell" order and when you think it's time to sell, place a market "buy" order. guaranteed winner.
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