legit futures prop firms?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by canoe, Sep 14, 2018.

  1. canoe


    Are there any legit futures prop firms that allow you to tryout?

    I don't mean to criticize TST or E2T which are sponsors here but I'm looking for a more professional prop organization that would count as a significant plus on a resume if I decide to apply for top-tier trading firms in the future.

    So far, I've found SMB futures and Traderdock which seem to fit the bill but I'd appreciate any other recommendations.
  2. traderjo


    What you mean by LEGIT! all the one you mention are LEGIT! ( it is another question if the "test fees" are worth it not! or better do sim on your own using same rules and if you succeed then start with your own money etc)
    by the way Trderlock is not a funder they are same essentially as E2T , I can;t see a diff.
    both pass you on to others "props" if you pass their paid test with flying colors

    Trick with all three is the break even of "cost of tests" and your "actual funding"
    another thing if you search this category you will see recent posts by the TT rep where he and other mentions diff props some do Futures some do Equity
    depends on you
    are you exp
    do you have the qualifications that True Top are looking for
    Where are you based! etc
    Few factors to consider
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  3. RDK91


    Here is one recent thread started by another trader searching for a prop firm.


    Check this thread and others in the "Prop Firms" section of this forum.
  4. RDK91


    True, however i think it can be an advantage to get backed by an actual prop firm over TST for example.
    Probably more scale ability and more room for negotiations once you showed your value to the firm.
  5. traderjo


    RDK .. I am sure TST followers would disagree with you!
    TST and alike claim that they are " actual prop firm" LOL
  6. speedo


    Best track to a top tier firm is graduating from Wharton B school with a 4.0
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  7. bone

    bone ET Sponsor

    I’m not aware of “tryouts”. But track records and references will take you very far. If by “legit” you mean a CME registered electronic proprietary trading firm that only risks the firm’s capital and traders are treated as employees - maybe call the CME and ask for a list of CME Rule 106.R. Electronic Corporate Member Firms.
  8. canoe


    Do track records under a retail trading account (live, of course) count less than a track record at say, a place like TST?